A 6-week online business, brand, and visibility accelerator


Creatrix Creators, Queen Entrepreneurs, and Priestesses on Purpose who are public figures and leaders

October 19th – december 2nd, 2021

Enrollment closes October 18th at 5pm EST








The calling is undeniable

There is a powerful, wealthy, recognized creatrix inside of you.

 Or you can call her a witch, a priestess, a wise woman, a healer, a medicine woman, a goddess, a queen, your higher self…

Whatever you call her, she is the FULLY EXPRESSED FEMME. 

Are you ready to step into fully embodying her in the world?

She is:

Highly visible, channeling her power, switched all the way on, fully expressing her magic

Impacting thousands, even millions, in partnership with her innate knowing and extraordinary abilities

Wildly prospering as an irresistible, undeniable, and unstoppable presence in the world without selling out her soul

And she is calling you.

Calling you to:

Tell the truth of who you are, stop hiding your powers, and go all in on your genius

Pull off the invisibility cloak to bring forward your next level work and be what your soul intended you to become

Fully express your message in a way that lands with your exact right people without dimming your light or holding back on anything you want to say or be

Prepare your business offerings and your brand to perfectly express this identity uplevel and magnetically attract your dream clients and opportunities

You have a huge soul plan.

You’ve been tapped with a divine vision.

It’s time to answer the call.

Even if it’s scary.

Let’s talk about the fear for a moment.

It’s been holding you back from impact, sales, and opportunities. 

The Witch Wound is real. Every woman I work with experiences it.

You might be haunted by fears of what might happen to you if you were to fully reveal yourself. 

Being your most beautiful, expressed, full out free version of yourself can feel so terrifying.

You think you might be judged, rejected, misunderstood, criticized, abandoned, or burned at the stake for what you are sharing. 

You are afraid you will be treated with suspicion, scorn, or distrust. 

This feels very visceral. 

This even causes us to distrust ourselves. 

Some of the most talented women on the planet (even women who have risen to great reach with their platform) are operating with this deep invisible barrier to expressing their full power….

(It’s reversible, love, but more on that later)

By no fault of our own, here’s what it leads to:

  • Our work in the world feels like a half-expression of who we really are – we are way more, edgy, magical, and unique than our work or brand let on
  • We subconsciously keep the lid on our voice to be more accepted and liked, not wanting to alienate people
  • We play it safe with our choices and maintain a palatable, well-scrubbed public image that robs us of originality and innovation
  • We follow other people’s ideas and templates of what we should be doing instead of trusting the compass of our own wisdom
  • Our business structure, brand, strategy, offerings, and images feel mundane and ill-fitting
  • We have resistance to shifting our brand and message to say and do what we *really* want to because of the potential threat of failure or  public criticism
  • We are dreading showing up to our laptop (something we used to love)
  • We aren’t taking the bold risks that could launch us to another level of visibility
  • We are compromising on our true visions because of an unconscious need for safety
  • We are terrified we’lll be eaten alive if we step into what we really want to do
  • We question and doubt ourselves incessantly
  • Feelings of insecurity and shame creep in and this is poison for our public communications creating a wobble that people feel

If you relate to this then you know all of this confusion is hurting potential sales and opportunities…

…which makes the whole process of growing your business utterly exhausting…enough to make you want to throw in the towel. 

But your calling is so strong — you know that’s not an option.

There’s only so long those of us who feel our power can hide before it eats us alive.

Sister, all of this is keeping your greatness under wraps. We both know how deeply trained and talented you are.

I know you didn’t come to this planet to be accomodating, to be just loud enough, but not too loud, to be just brave enough but not too brave to make others uncomfortable.

No. You are here for all of it. Nothing else will settle the pulsing in your Soul to go ALL IN.

After all the sweat and tears you’ve put into growing your work, you deserve to discover what it’s like to peel back the veil, become unbound, and let the process of giving your life’s work be amazing. 

Be the woman that rises into your fully expressed leadership

Imagine what it would feel like to…

  • Exponentially increase your followers and fans while you elegantly add another zero to your income taking your sacred, legacy work global.
  • Captivate your exact right people with the public presence needed for a global brand as you turn heads and hearts with your full, no-holds-barred, sacred expression and wild, free spirit – you will be so irreplaceable and undeniable that they WILL NOT be able to look away.
  • Enjoy your inbox lighting up with invitations to speaking gigs, festivals, meetings with publishers, podcasts, payments from clients, and press because of your new global goddess status.
  • Master the skillful transmission of your important message and spark a powerful new expression of your business and brand across all of your products and communications.
  • Quantum leap your attraction of your perfect-for-you fans and clients without chasing the next strategy, watering down your unique mastery, and compromising your truth to avoid the haters. When you speak, IT LANDS. 
  • Crack open the truth of what you’re REALLY here for and step into the legendary revelation you truly are, fully standing in your profound message enthroned in your regal lioness leadership. 
  • “Break the dam” on the energy and unexpressed power you’ve been keeping on the down-low for fear or rejection, judgment or ridicule and fully show up for your magic. Release the conditioning at the roots that has kept your message to a contained whisper and unleash it as a regal roar.
  • Cultivate the most audacious, daring, and magnetic expression of your work yet that you use to create epic offerings, copy and branding that are dripping with your potent priestess essence and unique vibrational signature. 
  • Shatter the barriers around what you can do, be and say, owning your voice like the seasoned pro you are, shocking yourself with the impact your full femme expression is having in the world.
  • Relax into the power of your majestic brand leaving behind the fear of what other people will think in the dust of the trail you are blazing as a trustable leader – your audience will hang onto your every word with deep reverence because they are experiencing healing and transformation with your work.
  • Experience orgasmic clarity and certainty so you can stop all the “effort-ing” and start experiencing the ease of pleasurable downstream results that come from being in total alignment.
  • Release any last vestiges of needing approval, validation or safety so you can move forward full throttle as a Fully Expressed Femme leader stepping into a new dimension of visibility, prosperity, and success without selling out on your priestess soul.

You get to have this without:

  • Following the scripts and systems other people gave you
  • Draining your bank account with strategies that don’t work for you
  • Feeling like a fraud
  • Minimizing the profound power of your genius 
  • Questioning the divine source of your wisdom 
  • Killing your feminine doing another launch with average results
  • Shredding your health and energy in the process
  • Abandoning your Soul 
  • OR having to hide your woo or your weird

Exactly how do you get these stellar results?

The key is to feel total confidence and utter certainty, and profound creativity with your message and mission.

It’s time to eliminate the wobble in your business and back yourself 100 percent with full belief in your offerings so you can show up and cause miracles in the world. 

You have to turn up the volume on your message and go for gold on it because the people who are going to book you and buy from you are looking for that leader. 

This is what we’re going to do here in Fully Expressed Femme

Take your brand from mundane to majestic by powerfully claiming your medicine and fully expressing your mastery.

This 6-week business and visibility accelerator is about being all in and fully expressed in your business so you can wildly prosper from your true calling.

This is designed for entrepreneurs, coaches, artists, healers, feminine leaders and any woman building a public brand to support her unique offering.

This course offers the organic pathway to the exponential expansion of your ultimate business vision so you can become known for your expertise with credibility and integrity and quicken your results. 

You’ll emerge with a clear path to move into the design phase launching your evolved core offering and message as a vehicle for a new channel of healing and prosperity that elevates your brand, your listening in your field, the reception of your audience, and the money in your bank account.

We will be working with effective healing technologies and my own signature method that unlocks your self-expression and your soul message while also doing a deep dive into the specifics of your brand and your business structures to create a truly transformational and strategic immersive experience.

It’s about not holding back anything and becoming the true embodiment of your message rather than the kinda hiding, kinda half-baked outward expression you may have been operating with when choosing and creating from your fear and discomfort. 

We’re going to shift all that so you can emerge as a jewel rubbed clean, illuminated, sparkling with the radiance and clarity of your true essence.

And up-level your identity to become the master level creator and legacy maker.

So that you can get on with the business of expanding your work in the world to help a lot of people AND prosper from it. 

Your fortune is waiting for you. But to claim it, you’ve got to fully express the truth of your soul first…

…So that you become irreplaceable, undeniable, and unforgettable.

Everything You Get:

This round of the course runs for 6 weeks
October 19th – December 2nd, 2021

(6) Live Weekly 60-Minute Content Trainings With Lifetime Access 1x/week Tuesdays 1PM PST / 4PM ET

In these sessions Alia will teach the core course modules (Value: $7,500)

(6) Live Weekly 90-Minute Q&A and Hot Seat Coaching Sessions 1x/week Thursdays 1PM PST / 4PM ET

This will be a space to get your questions answered and each week a few women will have the chance to receive live sacred hot seat coaching. (Value: $9,000)

(6) Live 60-Minute Group Healing Sessions 1x/week Wednesdays 1PM PST/4PM ET

These will include live group tapping and hypnosis sessions to unlock subterranean blocks to your self-expression at the root (Value: $3,000)

These include:

  • “Heal the Witch Wound” Group Healing with Guest, Master Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Guide, Pia Luz

A group tapping experience to move subterranean thoughts and beliefs connected to the Witch Wound. Whether you believe in past lives or not, many women suffer from a blood legacy handed down through our DNA for centuries that tells us to distrust our knowing, intuition, and extraordinary abilities and that we will burned at the stake if we reveal who we truly are. Let’s shift that to give you greater freedom and safety to express your truth publicly. (Value: $500)

  • “I AM Worthy” Group Healing with Guest, Master Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Guide, Pia Luz

A group tapping experience to release deeply embedded feelings of unworthiness. (Value: $500)

  • (2) “Prosperity Energy Healing” Group Hypnosis Sessions with Alia

This is a powerful modality that combines hypnosis with Theta healing to create subconscious shifts in our relationship to money, prosperity, and success. It is deeply effective and powerful for healing unconscious scarcity programming. (Value: $2,000)

  • (2) Femme Embodiment Somatic Group Sessions with Lucia Grace Young

Group somatic healing experiences led by Lucia Grace Young to guide you deeper into your feminine body. (Value: $500)


(1) Bonus Integration Week “Live Your Soul Calling” live 90-minute strategy-focused business expansion Q&A Session in Week 7

Get the final tools you need to launch or relaunch yourself for exponential expansion, impact, and prosperity. This is where we can get into the particulars of business structure – what changes do you need to make? How do you choose a model that creates more freedom and suits your lifestyle goals? How could you make the process more feminine? And anything else unique to you. (Value: $1,000) 

A Private Dedicated Facebook Group where you can interact with your fellow participants, share, and get feedback. (Value: $1,000)

Lifetime Access to the Content in a private portal (Value: $2,000)


Total Value: $24,000

The Fully Expressed Femme Curriculum

Phase 1 – 2 Weeks – Reclaim Your Regal Roar

Get to the root of what is holding you back and undo the blocks to your full self-expression and limitless creative power you once thought may have been lost.


Address and release underlying issues keeping you needing to feel safe with your self-expression using a trauma-informed approach

  • Excavate ideas and detox corrupt programs about who you should be and limiting beliefs about your identity handed to you by your environment, family, etc
  • Lift away imprints from the roots left by other people, systems, and templates 
  • Undo the toxic effects of family wounding, relationship drama and unprocessed grief and anger
  • Release the compliant good girl
  • Erase shame, fear of rejection, vows of invisibility and the toxic belief you have to compromise to make way for your path as a successful influential change maker
  • Heal the effects of the “Witch Wound”
  • Callibrate to the belief that it is safe to be self-expressed
  • Let go of the shame and confusion keeping you stuck, stagnant and silent
  • Move beyond worrying about how you will be seen and how things will land 
  • Overcome being crippled by failure and increase the resiliency to navigate difficult outcomes 

Special Healing Session: “Healing the Witch Wound” with Pia Litz


Partner with Alchemical Feminine Embodiment practices to create inner safety and trust, build your confidence and bravery ,and step into your majestic full-throated and fully-embodied majesty.

  • Calm your nervous system and find freedom from ongoing fight-flight patterns
  • Use Alchemical Divine Feminine embodiment practices to restore primal feminine power and safety and trust in your system to create more freedom of expression and trust in yourself
  • Create a sacred partnership with your ancient/future self “The Wise One” and your young, scared little girl in The Sacred Triad Meditation 
  • Call forward the Queen within you that commands her space, that captivates, that creates with absolute certainty and restore your indelible relationship to your truth, royal strength, unflustered confidence, and clear focus and direction.
  • Create safety in your body with the feminine medicine of pleasure to create from the vast ocean of your ecstatic feminine nature
  • Activate the wild, unbound, divine pulse of the primal feminine to stand behind your work and activate your voice
  • Release overprotection – take off your protective invisibility cloak
  • Remove the armor from your heart with the Goddess of Love to step into true connection and vulnerability 
  • Let go of allowing people who want you to be small to stifle you and silence you

Special Session: Femme Embodiment with Lucia Grace Young

Phase 2 – 2 Weeks – Rise Into Your Vibe


Vision in your clear, coherent, elegant, external expression. Connect with the tapped in downloads you need to create epic offerings, copy and branding that are dripping with your essence and unique vibrational signature.

  • Anchor into your own wisdom clearing any imprints from other people’s templates and beliefs
  • Establish your relationship with your multidimensional feminine creative intelligence of your inner Creatrix to reconnect with your creative channel
  • Step into ownership of your intuitive knowing shaping your own personal healing ritual 
  • Embrace full participation of the creation of your soul path as your own healer, teacher, and leader
  • Claim dominion over your life and your reality 
  • Release perfectionism and the people-pleasing need for approval  
  • Release needing a victim story to be a success story

Special Session: Prosperity Energy Healing with ALIA


Vision in your clear, coherent, elegant, external expression. Connect with the tapped in downloads you need to create epic offerings, copy and branding that are dripping with your essence and unique vibrational signature.

  • Claim your unique magic and deeply understand the unique vibrational signature you embody 
  • Uncover what codes you are carrying for the planet 
  • Access the core message that lies at the heart of your life experience using my “Soul Message Method”
  • Clarify the key message that runs through your body of work with precision and clarity to simplify and demystify your process.
  • Crystallize your coherent brand expression 
  • Undergo an identity upgrade to become the person who is brave enough to go all in on your visions 
  • Identify and release limiters to fame and fortune creating an unconscious ceiling and set point that has been holding you back
  • Create a space for possibility in yourself to become the most daring and audacious expression of your brand and message

Special Session: Femme Embodiment with Lucia Grace Young

Phase 3 – 2 Weeks – Wildly Prosper with Your Revolution

Get to the root of what is holding you back and undo the blocks to your full self-expression and limitless creative power you once thought may have been lost.


  • Claim your certainty, the necessary medicine for your expression that every legend has mastered
  • Learn how to amplify your personal energy, the key to reach off the screen and off the page to connect with your people
  • Do a brand audit of your visual branding, programs, offerings, messaging, and your body of work to build a coherent integrated expression of the new being that is emerging
  • Draft new content and copy that reflects the new energy you are embodying
  • Be clear, congruent, embodied in your truth, owning your voice, and in service to the people that can benefit from your wisdom
  • Take ownership of your brand to create authority online

Special Healing Session: “I AM Worthy” with Pia Litz


  • Refine and Release your potent message publicly and step into your fully expressed leadership
  • Accelerate your business and brand visibility and quantum leap your expansion at the speed of light
  • Step into your vast self and most elevated, expanded, and aligned expression
  • Become rooted and unshakeable in your message.
  • Become irreplaceable and undeniable by ramping up your bold truth to draw people in like magic 
  • Operate from your highest level  and increase your capacity to hold big energy
  • Decide how this ends and what story you will tell: be the version of the story you want to create and decide that this is the pivotal moment that changed everything
  • Be in the fullness of your capacity to hold your message and embody the transmission of it in the world to enter a new era of magnetism
  • Step forward as a legacy leader fully expressing your wisdom and love

Special Healing Session: Prosperity Energy Healing with ALIA


    Bonus Integration Week “Live Your Soul Calling” Q&A Call


    Brand Your Brilliance Group Strategy Session

    Where you can get live feedback from Alia on your brand evolution and public expression of your work (to be scheduled in the weeks following the course)

    ( Value: $1,500 )

    Pre-Recorded “Own Your Voice” Masterclass

    ( Value: $500 )

    “Radiant and Rocking It” 6-week pre-recorded audio course

    Designed to unlock your creativity integrating a balance of the feminine (radiant) and the masculine (rocking it) to turn your ideas into reality. Features interviews with some incredible Creatrixes including Laura Hollick, Nisha Moodley, Tanya Lynn, Jena La Flamme, KC Baker, and Arianna Hall.

    ( Value: $1000 )

    “Build Your Business Like a Creatrix” Video Bundle

    A total of 10+ hours of training featuring 10 of my favorite business, wealth, and personal growth trainings delivered to my membership community. 

    ( Value: $2000 )

    The Trinity Meditation:

    This powerful meditation which leads you through a healing process for your inner little one and integration with your wise one will create the conditions inside yourself to bravely express your truth and create your most important contributions you’re here to offer by becoming internally self-resourced. This will create your own powerful internal trinity designed to help you move forward at the speed of light without needing anyone else to tell you what to do or how to do it. When we reach out and carry our little one along with us so she doesn’t press the brakes out of fear, and we lean in to ask our wise one for help, we become unstoppable in our sovereignty and power.

    ( Value: $222 )

    The “I Am Here For All of It” Mantra and Meditation

    A divine statement of personal power and sovereignty to carry you through the moments of wobble and doubt. Put it on repeat every day!

    ( Value: $222 )

    Download of Feminine Medicine Vol. 1 + Vol. 1 remixes music albums

    A multifaceted journey into feminine embodiment through my original music created to invoke multiple expressions of the Divine Feminine

    ( Value: $222 )

    Total Value Bonuses: $5,466

    Total Value of Everything Included in the Course: $29,966

    Client Outcomes

    “Alia’s course provided a map for bringing my vision to life in a way that is authentic and impactful…”

    “Alia’s work provided a container for me to organize and bring coherency to my vision in both a transformational and supportive way. It provided a map for bringing my vision to life in a way that is authentic and impactful. I felt seen, heard, witnessed and celebrated. Through simple yet powerful practices I had break-through moments. I am now closer to my core message thanks to the courage to rise I found here and claiming what I know to be true.”

    Janice Craig, Yogini, Healer, Ritual Artist

    “It shed light on some traumas I’ve been holding that have been keeping me from fully expressing myself…”

    “The Revolutionary Woman course shed light on some traumas I’ve been holding that have been keeping me from fully expressing myself and owning my role. Since working in this way, I’ve been clearer in my communication and more thoughtful in my plans and intentions as I continue to create.” 

    Ila, Musician, Teacher, Entrepreneur 

    “I am clear on my message, clear on my value, I’m owning my truth, and sharing it with my community…”

    “When I came to Alia I saw a different vision for myself and there was so much fear of trusting that vision and I was painfully stuck. I knew I wanted to transition from exclusively serving clients in a therapeutic setting and shed the psychotherapist title in some contexts to offer my services to a wider group of people while giving myself the opportunity to uplevel my financial reality in the process. We created tangible content, new programs, and messaging. Alia guided me to my own wisdom through simple practices that help me come back to my center. I now have clarity on my message and what I am a spokeswoman for. I have a busy private practice. I am being hired as a consultant to behavior health teams and medical professionals. I am being acknowledged as an emissary and spokesperson for self-worth and a leader in that field. I worked through my own worthiness challenges and increased my income. I have created new branding and I’ve created a whole new website for this expanded identity. I feel more empowered – I am clear on my message, clear on my value, I’m owning my truth, and sharing it with my community.” 

    Pia Luz, LCSW & Self-Worth Emissary

    “The investment I made in working with Alia paid off quickly…”

    “Listening to my inner call to work with this incredible woman was one of the best decisions I have ever made. The results of the work have been amazing. I have birthed a new program for women, secured new higher paying clients, launched my successful retreat business, reinvented my branding, and reconnected to my true purpose. I experienced significant shifts in the way I relate to financial abundance. The investment I made in working with Alia paid off quickly from my work with several new clients. I am thrilled! I feel like I have up-leveled my life in this process – not only with my business, but also in calling in more of what I know I deserve in all aspects of my life.” 

    Lucia Grace Young, Yoga Therapist and Somatic Bodyworker

    “This has given me a new depth of creative confidence…”

    “My work with Alia changed my life. This has given me a new depth of creative confidence. For women who come to me asking about how they can unleash hidden aspects of their creativity, I always recommend Alia. Her process is deep, intuitive, and most of all: it works.”

    KC Baker, Founder WomanSpeak

    “Working with Alia is a powerful experience. Alia took me very deep and we worked on subconscious energies that are constantly shaping our realities. In our work, I felt like I aligned with a deeper sense of my truth, and was able to see my excuses at a deeper level. But rather than judge the excuses, Alia held a space of compassion for me to deep dive into what was really under them. It’s very powerful. If you’re ready to show up for yourself on the next level + be guided with compassion, clarity, and presence… Alia is your woman! I highly recommend working with her.”

    Beth Katherine
    Intuitive Coach, Priestess, Creator Sisterhood of the Mermaid Moon

    “I am on my path and in action in ways that are so surprising. Alia created a feminine Creatrix Temple – the alchemy was really powerful. I believe the medicine of the container really supported me to move things forward quickly. I would have breakthroughs that I would directly apply to life immediately – it always occurred as time well spent.”

    Michelle Barton
    Screenwriter, Producer, Spoken Word Performance Artist

    “Alia has been a source of light and power in my life. She has profound gifts of intuition, insight, endless and loving support, and practical, reality based tools and suggestions to help you make an impactful change in your life. She aided me in going from my cycles of being stuck and stagnant, self defeating and sabotaging to a place where I’m committed to my happiness. Alia has been an inspiration, a sister, a mentor, a friend, a guide… Her pure intention to help is profoundly evident. I’m so grateful I took the steps to honor myself in this way and get the help I needed to more fully step into the life I really wanted to be living. Alia continues to set a precedent for me as far as what’s possible for me.”

    Vanessa Rae
    Miracle Minded Coach

    “My program with Alia has transformed me from within, and my entire life has transformed along with it. Melissa has incredible divine intuition. Things that needed shifting in my life started to move right away as she helped guide me to fully step into my new self in such an inspired way with so much loving energy and soul hearted focus. I went from feeling confused, scared, and stuck to liberated, energized and empowered. I shed old patterns and beliefs that kept me feeling small and now I’m totally glowing. I feel like I am finally stepping into my goddess power.”

    Jenny Severo
    Performing Artist

    How is this different?

    This container is transformational and not just informational in nature. 

    My background is multi-functional with extensive expertise and experience as a transformational coach, a branding executive, a world-renowned musical artist, an entrepreneur, and an initiated priestess in a Divine Feminine lineage making my offering a unique combination of energies.

    I work with the hidden subterranean underlying issues that mute our public self-expression, excavating and detoxing the conditioned behaviors that are at the root. 

    Most trainings, courses and coaches are not trauma aware – we operate with a trauma informed approach. 

    Unlike other business courses we incorporate potent healing modalities with business strartegy to create an integrated container.

    This offers the fundamentals for a woman to get out of her own way and stop allowing her wounds to block her legacy.


    Early Bird / Masterclass Pricing – Ends October 15th MIDNIGHT ET : $2,222

    REGULAR PRICING: $3,333 


    (Ends October 15th MIDNIGHT ET)

    Access to my 6-week digital video course
    “Revolutionary Woman”
    ( Value: $1,000 )

    (1) 30-minute private session with Alia
    ( Value: $555 )

    VIP UPGRADE (4 Spots Left): Additional $1,111 on all tiers 

    (Contact us to be considered for one of these spots)


    • (1) Private 60-minute “Fully Expressed Fempire” Personalized Business Strategy Session with Alia 

    Let’s explore what it would look like to take your new expression and brand essence and apply that to a fully lit customized strategy to expand your Fully Expressed Fempire.

    ( Value: $1,111 )

    • (1) Private, Customized 60-Minute “Prosperity Energy Healing” hypnosis and Theta healing session with Alia

    This is a powerful modality that combines hypnosis with Theta healing to create subconscious shifts in our relationship to money, prosperity, and success. It is deeply effective and powerful!

    ( Value: $1,111 )

    (Early Bird – Ends October 15th MIDNIGHT ET) :


    Ready to Go?

    I offer a full pay plan and a two-payment plan 

    (Contact us if you need a 3-pay or custom plan – [email protected])

    Full Payment
    Early Bird Only 

    1 Payment of


    Two Payments
    Early Bird Only 

    2 Payments of


    Beautiful Sister, people are not going to magically see you if you don’t let yourself be seen.

    People aren’t going to buy from you if they have no idea what you do.

    It’s simple really. But it feels so complicated! 

    And that’s because we want the answer to be different. 

    We don’t want to have to put ourselves out there. 

    We don’t want to have to deal with the possible negative outcomes.

    And yet, here we are *compelled* to pursue this life of our own creation…

    …to birth the work that our soul is here to do…

    …to be artists, entrepreneurs, sacred healers. 

    We can’t NOT do what we are called to do anymore. 

    That reality is way too painful.

    So we have to find ways to get right with what this requires. 

    And we have to find ways to peel back the veil we have unwittingly shrouded ourselves in and fully express the truth of our soul. 

    This is what we are going to do together in Fully Expressed Femme. 

    It’s sacred and soulful and strategic.

    Step into the conviction that your work *needs* to be a part of this world…and you won’t stop until it does.


    What really makes you reach off the screen and off the page to connect with your people?

    The kind of public presence you crave that turns heads and hearts requires your full no-holds-barred sacred expression. 


    So you can:

    Be visible, Be masterful, Be trustable 


    The first thing you need to do is become FULLY self-expressed. 

    You need to EMDODY it.

    You need to let the lioness out of the cage and unleash her regal roar.

    You need to turn your self-belief and knowing ALL the way on so you can look at yourself and KNOW without a shadow of a doubt who you are and what you are here for. When you believe in you other people will follow.  

    If you are confused about or doubting your power, people won’t feel it.

    There’s all this hidden subterranean stuff that you might not know is operating under the surface unless we deliberately pull up the hood and take a look.

    Often the reasons we stay silent are so hidden we have to really take the time to excavate to discover the invisible ways we hold ourselves back.

    Then when we can finally see what has been running us (into the ground), we can pull things up fron their roots and unlock the true pathway to our liberation. 


    Then you need to bring together your clear, coherent, and elegant external expression. 

    Together we’re going to get you clear and comfortable with your brand, that’s right your BRAND (because everyone has one) and up-level everything to create coherence across all your external communications and public offerings with elegance, simplicity and clarity. 

    Because if you are not coherent and clear, no one else will be either. 

    And if you’re leaving stuff out, no one is going to get you. 

    And if you aren’t speaking up to share your sacred work, no one is going to hear you.

    Your energy and your action have to be 100% all in. If there is a part of you that is wobbly or uncertain and not a full-bodied f*ck yes, if you are doubting yourself and what you are doing, it will be felt in the field. 

    The energy of certainty is so potent.

    And that requires having an external expression that feels 100% aligned for you – if this is wobbly, you are not going to show up in the way you need to.

    Your energy, your words, your business offering, your photos, your logos, your websites – they all vibrate with your energetic signature.

    Bring it all together with coherence, integrity, elegance, and clarity so that your work is impactful, supportive, and lucrative.


    Then you bring that to market with an upleveled identity, and a renewed sense of passion and bravery to become the Fully Expressed Femme leader you are destined to be.

    This course is about becoming so brave and so real with your expression that you inspire people, you lead people, and you show people what’s possible for their life. 

    A free person is magnetic – people can’t take their eyes off of you because you are that unicorn who decided not to let all the pain and the trauma stop you. 

    This is how you become whoever you want and have whatever you want. Name it, the world will deliver it to your doorstep because you are not lying to yourself or anyone else.

    We all know women who are showing up online confident and clear – they are messaging day in and day out and they are posting about having clients, interviews, and opportunities sliding into their DMs all day long…

    Before she was hearing crickets, now she couldn’t stop the tsunami if she tried. Why? 

    Because she knows how to show up with her brand, she knows what to say, and it’s all congruent. 

    There are master keys to how she does this and you can learn them.

    That thing that those women have going for them that you might not? 

    • They are fully expressed in their business. 
    • They know who they are.
    • They are clear on what they offer.
    • They have turned on their magnetism.
    • They speak from their heart and their truth. 
    • They know who they are speaking to.
    • They get to be their wild woman self without having to water themselves down. 
    • They aren’t wobbling around whether they have said the right thing, or are offering the right thing, or have enough to give people. 
    • They own their value and their message and they have risen inside themselves to fully integrate the identity of someone who is owning it.
    • They believe they are worthy.

    Are you in for this ride? Let’s go!

    Full Payment
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    Contact us to be considered for one of the VIP spots and we’ll provide a special link.

    [email protected]

    About Alia Metcalf


    In order to:


    • Step onto multiple stages to perform in front of thousands of people over the last 13 years
    • Speak in dozens upon dozens of interviews
    • Author a personal, vulnerable chapter of a published book
    • Show up in the social feeds nearly every day
    • Write raw, truthful posts on a regular basis
    • Share from my heart to the list of people who follow me
    • Promote course after course and show after show
    • Express my truth in my relationships and with family
    • To prosper in all these ways while following my soul calling…


    …I had to code self-expression as safe in my system even though it definitely wasn’t safe and I was criticized, laughed at, misunderstood, abandoned, and ostracized.

    In time, none of that was as important to me as going all in on my reasons for being on this planet.

    But there was a long period of my life when I was hiding out, confused, and not fully expressed and I paid a dear price for that.

    Making self-expression safe again after numerous traumas, periods of excommunication from my family, and being misunderstood was an inside job. Over the years I gathered up a lot of tools to support my healing.

    This was quickened by a physical healing crisis that stretched out over several years that I came to understand may have been a result of the ways I was not fully expressed in my life.

    Because as I became more expressed, I healed.

    It was quite miraculous. This is what clued me in that there is more going on here and that we can’t simply address one area in our life without addressing this core foundational issue.

    I have since become passionate about sharing these perspectives and tools so women everywhere can overcome the barriers to their fully realized life.

    I studied numerous transformational and healing modalities, immersed in feminine embodiment practices, learned countless business strategies, and became deeply knowledgeable about the nature of trauma, all in the pursuit of my freedom of self-expression.

    I want to give you my secrets and hand you the playbook to bravely reach for the sweet satisfaction of your full self expression and authentic success in your business and life.

    I am taking a stand for women who care about people and the planet to step forward into a higher realm of leadership and master the skillful transmission of their important work so that more money can move through our hands to support the communities that we serve.

    We cannot fulfill our mission if we are held back by our discomfort with the spotlight. 

    People are not going to magically see you if you don’t let yourself be seen.

    It’s time to come out of the shadows, beauty, trust the unique voice inside of you and the unique assignment it is giving you, and unleash your regal roar.

    All My Love,


    Sparkle and radiate like an exquisite rare jewel operating in an orbit all your own.

    Praise from Clients & Allies

    “Alia is a woman fiercely devoted to her personal liberation.  She is constantly fine-tuning her craft.  She oozes feminine power.  She is committed to coaxing out the creative expression in women. Having personally received Alia’s wisdom, I can say without a doubt, that she is the “real thing”.   She has supported me in catching and then releasing limiting beliefs, she has stood for me when I couldn’t see my larger vision, and she has lovingly held my hand as I birthed more of myself into the world.   She is my reflection when I forget where I am going.   Alia is quite a dynamic combination for any woman committed to her own unfoldment!”

    Joanne Ameya Cohen
    Creator, Woman Rising

    “Alia has shown me the way to truly tune in and speak our desires. To align with our hearts, our essences and act from that place. I have watched her shine on stage in the midst of major life changes.  I have seen her rise above fear of not being enough and claim her voice and offerings to the world.   And when she speaks to groups and performs on stage she leads through the way she is being and embodying truth.  She collaborates with others and gives other women the opportunity to shine with her.   As an artist she has an unwavering dedication to finding her own unique expression in the world.  And this takes great courage.  I believe she has an incredible ability to support women in tapping into their courage, move past their fears and claim their unique voice, expression and offerings in the world.”

    Sonya Stewart
    Co-Creator, Kuya

    “Alia is fearless in her willingness to put herself out there and does it independently of the feedback she receives. She sets a powerful example because she is fueled by her authentic creative essence and does not rely on external validation to drive her forward, which is something I aim for in myself. This is the true mark of a woman who has healed and freed herself. I have witnessed Alia striving courageously for her own liberation over the past few years and she has unchained herself astonishingly fast by engaging with a magical mix of modalities. She is also a talented guide and I love seeing her support other women in having the same level of freedom and expression.”

    Tara Divina
    Musical Artist and Coach to Creatives

    “Alia has something rare – not only is she completely expressed as an artist; she is also gifted with laser-like intuition and the capacity to hold DEEP space for leaders, artists, and messengers. It is important for me to receive support from women that not only trust the path of the soul, but also create major success through that path. Alia is that woman.From the depth of my spirit; I fiercely recommend this powerhouse leader to other leaders building incredible lives of freedom, joy, wealth and purpose.”

    Christina Dunbar
    Actress, Producer, Director, Creator Dirty Me Divine

    Alia Metcalf, aka ALIA, is a renowned musical artist and women’s leadership coach. Alia tours internationally as an original electronic music producer, DJ, vocalist, and creator of the Feminine Medicine™ music project. She is regularly featured on the stages of major festivals and conscious events. 

    A former marketing and advertising executive for global bluechip brands, Alia is the Founder of Femvolution™ and Creatrix of her Fully Expressed Femme leadership accelerator and Feminine Luminary mentoring program, which provide coaching for ambitious women creatives and entrepreneurs to amplify their voice and become global influencers and new feminine leaders. 

    Alia was one of the first 25 people in the world trained in “Circling”, which has since become a modality practiced around the world. She was a foundational course leader with The Arete Experience and Authentic World for many years.

    Devoted to the liberation of women around the world, Alia is a writer and co-author of two books including “The New Feminine Evolutionary” and she regularly contributes to Medium. She is often invited to speak on topics related to women’s empowerment. ORIGIN magazine featured her as a “Women Changing the Planet”. 

    Alia received her BA from Brown University and her MFA from Academy of Art University. 

    Disclaimer: Alia Metcalf is not a medical professional and the contents of the Fully Expressed Femme program are for informational purposes only. The content in this course is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your qualified medical health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.