OK Sister, I’m bringing this to you again today because I want to make sure you know about the Pre-Party that’s happening!

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You’re here because you want to rock it, right?

I know this is a little simplistic but it’s a quick way of saying you have things you want to create and realize, you have a way you want to live, you have places you want to see, experiences you want to have.
I don’t think you would be on my list if you were completely satisfied living in mediocrity, right?

Because that’s certainly not what I am aiming for. And I could place a bet with really great odds that that’s not what you’re aiming for either.


You want to:
~Let out that Inner Rockstar who has been in hiding a bit. 
~Show up powerfully for every love-drenched moment of this too short life.
~Find the magic formula that’s going to quiet the fear and unlock your voice.
~Allow yourself to experience the success (inner and outer) that comes from you sharing yourself with the world uncensored.
~Wake up each day marveling at how far you’ve come and what you have created.

You still believe this is possible. I still believe this is possible.

And here’s the key thing I’ve discovered:

The First Step To Unleash Yourself: Begin Living Your Lush Life NOW.

What do I mean by Lush Life?

An essential aspect of this, for women especially, is to allow yourself to actively embrace more pleasure and to build a life in which you are taking exquisite care of your self, following what feels good and, in doing so, creating fertile ground for your creations to start to bloom.

And wow do things start to bloom! This is the path of less effort, high returns, and good vibes the whole way.

This is the foundation for EVERYTHING because you can’t do the work you are here to do operating at half capacity.

This is the Feminine version of high performance.

This is how you get to show up as your very own Wonder Woman and kick ass at all of your creative business endeavors! As well as bust out of any paralysis or stagnation you’ve been in.

If you want to go deeper with this:


The Secrets to Feminine High Performance That Every Lush Woman Knows:

How To Make the Shift From Struggling Woman to Wonder Woman And Start Experiencing The Pleasurable Success You Deserve

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I see many women getting stuck in their own self-defeating patterns and struggling to love themselves which makes it feel like pushing a boulder up a hill to do any of the work to share yourself or build your business.

As a result you get stressed out, overwhelmed, fall into self-doubt, and become confused about which direction to take (so sometimes you take no direction at all).

The way out of this black hole is to:

~Design your life based on what will inspire more clarity, energy, vitality, enthusiasm, strength, and confidence.

~Design from pleasure rather than expectation, from alignment with yourself rather than ideas that are not yours.

~Design from what will have your life bloom with lush growth and what will have you feel lush in the process of bringing your genius to the world.

Living Your Lush Life is an essential linchpin in your business or life strategy.

This is about strengthening the being behind your personal brand – YOU! – so that you are the full person to do justice to your incredible talent and brilliance.

Truly this is the key to my natural vitality, energy, and enthusiasm which is what enables me to show up for my clients, juggle multiple projects and brands, rock people’s worlds behind the DJ decks, light up the stage, bring my passion and unique voice to my writing, and make an impact in connections with people that leads to them clamoring to know about me.

This is what enables me to show up when I have debilitating thoughts that tell me I can’t do it, or when I get scared, or when I tear myself down.

This is what has enabled the women I’ve worked with to show up for themselves and see massive shifts in their productivity, clarity, creativity, relationships, and money.

And I’m ready for more of you to experience the power of this in your own lives!



The Secrets to Feminine High Performance that Every Lush Woman Knows:

How to Make The Shift From Struggling Woman to Wonder Woman And Start Experiencing The Pleasurable Success You Deserve

SIGN UP HERE: http://eepurl.com/jzZv5

The call will be chock full of some amazing tips that have helped take me and my clients from stuck and frustrated to lit up, turned on, and ready to rock.

Mark it in your calendar now!


~Why you must design your life based on what will inspire more clarity, energy, vitality, enthusiasm, strength, and confidence.

~The critical role pleasure plays in a woman’s creativity, productivity, and effectiveness

~Why you must show up for yourself before anything else

~A simple process to get immediately tuned up with your internal compass and restore ad renew your relationship to yourself

~The key to navigating negative spirals and transforming resistance into workable energy

~How engaging this in your life helps increase your clamor factor and makes you irresistible – which means more professional and romantic opportunities, clients, and money

I can’t wait to support you!

Love and Blessings,