At Femvolution we offer intensives, virtual and live group programs, women’s circles, tele-seminars, personalized 1-1 mentoring with Alia, and a variety of resources and inspiration for women around the globe.  

AT THE MOMENT: due to Alia’s music touring schedule, she is working with a limited number of 1-on-1 clients and other programs are on hold. 

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Come over and explore Alia’s free video training series, “CULTIVATNG CREATIVE CONFIDENCE”. You can sign up for that HERE.

You can experience a little sampler of one of Alia’s former programs and receive some sweet, free gifts! This bundle includes Alia’s trail-blazing e-book “How to Become a Liberated Woman” and two call recordings from her “Lush Life Immersion” program. Sign up to take the next step into your Lush Life HERE


Alia mentors a small number of women in longer-term 1-1 mentoring programs. Find out more about her custom designed programs HERE.

She offers an easy way to get started with her via a 2-hour deep-dive session she calls “LIBERATION SESSIONS”. These are available anytime You can learn more about this Session and sign up HERE.   


ChristinaDunbarI fell in love with Alia when we first connected. Pure love. Alia has something rare; she is truly the embodiment of a high priestess. Not only is she completely expressed as an artist; she is also gifted with laser-like intuition and the capacity to hold DEEP space for leaders, artists, and messengers. When I met Alia, I had just gone through a process of totally shifting my life and biz towards my art. I had released  a successful business around personal-growth for women in order to really step into my artist calling. Alia was the PERFECT woman to connect with at that time of transformation.  As an artistpreneur, it is important for me to receive support from women that not only trust the path of the soul, but also create major success through that path. Alia is that woman. Every time we talked,  Alia’s Wise Woman came through and I felt seen, heard, and gotten on a soul level. From the depth of my spirit; I fiercely recommend this powerhouse leader to other leaders building incredible lives of freedom, joy, wealth and purpose. 

Christina Dunbar, artistpreneur + catalyst for fierce expression 

TanyaPalusoWhat I love about Alia is her creativity, passion and embodiment. She is so multi-talented and has skillfully brought her all her talents together to serve. Alia is one of those women who you want to work AND play with. This is the new feminine. The artistpreneur has been emerging over the past few years and Alia is one of the leaders of this movement, teaching women how to free up and own their creative expression. She doesn’t put on a face for one thing and then another face for something else. She’s integrated, fully self-expressed and powerful. She brings all parts of herself to the table and so you know you are getting the real deal. 

 Tanya Paluso, Coach, Author & Creator, Tribal Truth

JoanneAmeyaCohenAs soon as I met Alia, I knew we were Soul sisters.  She is a woman fiercely devoted to her personal liberation.  She is constantly fine-tuning her craft.  She oozes feminine power.  She is committed to coaxing out the creative expression in women. Having personally received Alia’s wisdom, I can say without a doubt, that she is the “real thing”.   She has supported me in catching and then releasing limiting beliefs, she has stood for me when I couldn’t see my larger vision, and she has lovingly held my hand as I birthed more of myself into the world.   She is my reflection when I forget where I am going.   Alia is quite a dynamic combination for any woman committed to her own unfoldment!

 Joanne Ameya Cohen, Women’s Herbalist, 

JessicaSemaanAlia has helped me build confidence as an entrepreneur, as a woman, as a friend, as a daughter. She taught me powerful tools and asked me the right questions that I needed to get more clarity on my business. She helped me realize why my confidence is not always there for me, identifying where my confidence is not at its strongest, and, most importantly, where my confusion in my decisions was not coming from place of strength but from a place of fear. Her spiritual and gentle feminine approach was exactly what I needed. I am very grateful for her support throughout this journey.

 Jessica Semaan, Founder of The Passion