JuliaAllisonAlia, I used you as an example to a girl friend of mine who just experienced her first Burning Man about how one’s life can change SO dramatically toward art and music and love … Thank you for being a role model for expansion into creative flow for all of us. You inspire even when you don’t realize you are inspiring. We (the world generally, and me specifically) love you.

Julia Allison, Journalist, Entrepreneur, Speaker, www.juliaallison.com

ChristinaDunbarI fell in love with Alia when we first connected. Pure love. Alia has something rare; she is truly the embodiment of a high priestess. Not only is she completely expressed as an artist; she is also gifted with laser-like intuition and the capacity to hold DEEP space for leaders, artists, and messengers. When I met Alia, I had just gone through a process of totally shifting my life and biz towards my art. I had released  a successful business around personal-growth for women in order to really step into my artist calling. Alia was the PERFECT woman to connect with at that time of transformation.  As an artistpreneur, it is important for me to receive support from women that not only trust the path of the soul, but also create major success through that path. Alia is that woman. Every time we talked,  Alia’s Wise Woman came through and I felt seen, heard, and gotten on a soul level. From the depth of my spirit; I fiercely recommend this powerhouse leader to other leaders building incredible lives of freedom, joy, wealth and purpose. 

Christina Dunbar, artistpreneur + catalyst for fierce expression  www.christinadunbar.com 

EleanorBlattelI’m endlessly inspired by Alia’s creative expression. It always seems like it comes out of left field, as she is always surprising me by unveiling brand new creative talents, whether she’s performing a gorgeous, expressive dance she’s improvised, an original song she wrote just hours before, a portrait that reflects her essence in the perfect way — she is fearless in her willingness to put herself out there and does it independently of the feedback she receives. She sets a powerful example because she is fueled by her authentic creative essence and does not rely on external validation to drive her forward, which is something I aim for in myself. This is the true mark of a woman who has healed and freed herself. I have witnessed Alia striving courageously for her own liberation over the past few years and she has unchained herself astonishingly fast by engaging with a magical mix of modalities. She is also a talented guide and I love seeing her support other women in having the same level of freedom and expression. 

Eleanor Blattel, Vedic Astrologer, www.liveyourlifepurposenow.com

TanyaPalusoWhat I love about Alia is her creativity, passion and embodiment. She is so multi-talented and has skillfully brought her all her talents together to serve. Alia is one of those women who you want to work AND play with. This is the new feminine. The artistpreneur has been emerging over the past few years and Alia is one of the leaders of this movement, teaching women how to free up and own their creative expression. She doesn’t put on a face for one thing and then another face for something else. She’s integrated, fully self-expressed and powerful. She brings all parts of herself to the table and so you know you are getting the real deal. 

 Tanya Paluso, Coach, Author & Creator, Tribal Truth  http://tanyapaluso.com

JoanneAmeyaCohenAs soon as I met Alia, I knew we were Soul sisters.  She is a woman fiercely devoted to her personal liberation.  She is constantly fine-tuning her craft.  She oozes feminine power.  She is committed to coaxing out the creative expression in women. Having personally received Alia’s wisdom, I can say without a doubt, that she is the “real thing”.   She has supported me in catching and then releasing limiting beliefs, she has stood for me when I couldn’t see my larger vision, and she has lovingly held my hand as I birthed more of myself into the world.   She is my reflection when I forget where I am going.   Alia is quite a dynamic combination for any woman committed to her own unfoldment!

 Joanne Ameya Cohen, Women’s Herbalistwww.joanneameyacohen.com 

SonyaStewartI have known Alia for awhile now and have spent many moments inside her heart…witnessing her ups and downs.  One thing that has been true from day 1 is her authenticity and transparency about what is really going on.   She has shown me the way to truly tune in and speak our desires. To align with our hearts, our essences and act from that place. I have watched her shine on stage in the midst of major life changes.  I have seen her rise above fear of not being enough and claim her voice and offerings to the world.   And when she speaks to groups and performs on stage she leads through the way she is being and embodying truth.  She collaborates with others and gives other women the opportunity to shine with her.   As an artist she has an unwavering dedication to finding her own unique expression in the world.  And this takes great courage.  I believe she has an incredible ability to support women in tapping into their courage, move past their fears and claim their unique voice, expression and offerings in the world.

Sonya Stewart, Creator, Unwynd

JessicaSemaanAlia has helped me build confidence as an entrepreneur, as a woman, as a friend, as a daughter. She taught me powerful tools and asked me the right questions that I needed to get more clarity on my business. She helped me realize why my confidence is not always there for me, identifying where my confidence is not at its strongest, and, most importantly, where my confusion in my decisions was not coming from place of strength but from a place of fear. Her spiritual and gentle feminine approach was exactly what I needed. I am very grateful for her support throughout this journey.

 Jessica Semaan, Founder of The Passion Cowww.thepassion.co

VanessaBeggsAlia has been a source of light and power in my life. She has a profound gifts of intuition, insight, endless and loving support, and practical, reality based tools and suggestions to help you make an impactful change in your life. She aided me in going from my cycles of being stuck and stagnant, self defeating and sabotaging to a place where I’m committed to my happiness. I’m now in school for what I love, in a healthy and amazing romantic partnership, enjoying my home more than ever and taking more responsibility for myself financially than I ever have. Alia has been an inspiration, a sister, a mentor, a friend, a guide… Her pure intention to help is profoundly evident every time we connect. I’m so grateful I took the steps to honor myself in this way and get the help I needed to more fully step into the life I really wanted to be living.

Vanessa Beggs, Creative Expression Coach & Singer

JenHEalyAlia is a truly gifted coach and a beautiful, wise soul. Her work will leave you feeling inspired, transformed and ready to step into your full radiance. Awe-Inspiring Magical Medicine Goddess– thank you

Jen Healy, Quantum Healer, www.zenhealyng.com 


EpiphanyWorking with Alia leaves your heart blown wide open. She shines light where before was darkness, leaving you feeling enlivened with self acceptance, inspiration, and a deep connection with something much larger than yourself.

Epiphany Shaw, NLP Master Coach