Alia offers leading-edge programs that help you to unleash your self-expression, unlock your unique artistry, create game-changing, prosperous brands and businesses, and share your message far and wide.  

This is where Alia gets into the trenches with creative, trail-blazing women to help you grow the thriving business of YOU.

These programs are for the women who are devoted and committed to taking a true leap and are ready to make the investment in themselves to do so. 

Alia offers one-off “LIBERATION SESSIONS” that are available any time and more in-depth, custom-designed 6-month “UNVEILING YOUR ARTISTRY” and 1-year “LIBERATED WOMAN” programs that will be designed following multiple conversations that will uncover exactly what will best support your current stage of development.  








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JennySeveroeditedMy program with Alia has transformed me from within and my entire life has transformed along with it. Alia has incredible divine intuition. Things that needed shifting in my life started to move right away as she helped guide me to fully step into my new self in such an inspired way with so much loving energy and soul hearted focus. I went from feeling confused, scared, and stuck to liberated, energized and empowered. I shed old patterns and beliefs that kept me feeling small and now I’m totally glowing. I am finally stepping into my goddess power.

~Jenny Severo  www.jennysevero.com Designer, Visual Artist

JessicaSemaanAlia has helped me build confidence as an entrepreneur, as a woman, as a friend, as a daughter. She taught me powerful tools and asked me the right questions that I needed to get more clarity on my business. She helped me realize why my confidence is not always there for me, identifying where my confidence is not at its strongest, and, most importantly, where my confusion in my decisions was not coming from place of strength but from a place of fear. Her spiritual and gentle feminine approach was exactly what I needed. I am very grateful for her support throughout this journey.

~Jessica Semaan, Founder, The Passion Co. www.thepassion.co

HeatherCarusoNewWhen I started working with Alia I was filled with anger and frustration with my current job situation and fearful to move forward but not sure why I couldn’t just “motivate” myself to do it already! On a leap of faith I began working with Alia to unwrap layers of my suppressed fear. Tears were shed and epiphanies realized, and I began to unleash and breakthrough to find MY creative message. Alia taught me not to abandon who I was in search for something greater but to use my unique gift and my special story to share with the world my message. Only a few months later I am on a path to creating the life and career I want with the talent and skills I already possessed but which Alia helped me to identify, shape and define.  Thank you Alia for laying the foundation for my creative endeavors for years to come:)

~Heather Caruso, Stylist, Creator, One Beautiful Woman

RobinMurphyI am filled with nothing less than complete gratitude, vibrating in every cell of my body, for this amazing life and I thank you, Alia, for creating that very powerful container for me to plant my seeds for the future. 

~Robin Murphy, Sound Healer