This is the special announcement I have been hinting at!  

I have tapped into something I hear a lot of women yearning for: the confidence in their ability to create their brilliant ideas and to bring their most treasured visions to life. Without confidence, women can tread water for far too long.   

What the world needs now more than ever are self-expressed women who are willing to stand up and speak up and share the beauty of who they are in the fullness of their creative power.

So we need less treading water and more strong, self-assured laps around the pool.

There are necessary ingredients for this kind of world-shaking influence that can be learned.

So I am excited and delighted to unveil my gift to help you unleash what you are most longing to create:

My new free video training series called

Cultivating Creative Confidence

I have been giving all my love and energy to the creation of these videos in recent months. I’ll first share why I have created them and why watching and learning from them could be a step toward your creative freedom. 

There are simple principles and strategies I have used to transform from a depressed corporate marketing executive completely shut down around my creativity to a fully expressed musical artist and lead Creatress for my business Femvolution. 

I now live and breathe my creativity every single day, in my business, in my art, and living my life as art. I want this for you too. 

I want you to be able to take your book, your song, your dance, your entrepreneurial business, your videos, your films, your paintings, whatever you want to create, out into the world where they are meant to be experienced. 

I know what I teach can help you fully embrace your creative talents and share them.

I know because I navigated across the divide of doubt and the chasm of fear and uncertainty myself and, as a coach, I have helped many other women do the same. 

Years ago I had completely lost my connection to my creative life force. I remember sitting in my plush corporate office of a big advertising firm in New York City staring out the window. I had what so many people want – a great paying job working in a prestigious company for blue chip brands on important strategic projects. 

Yet I I felt completely trapped and I was dying inside. I was sick all of the time and had chronic physical issues. I was miserable and I had this persistent though very quiet voice inside that said, “This can’t be all there is. There has got to be something more.”

My soul longed for a different way to live but I had no idea how to get there. 

When I was younger I was very creatively expressed in multiple areas – I was a dancer, singer, musician, and writer – and I was completely at ease performing on stage. 

As I matured and stepped into the professional world I lost my confidence in my talents because I engaged with them less and less. In the grip of the quest for professional achievement, I completely lost sight of what I actually loved to do. I got so disconnected from myself that for a long time I forgot. 

I took some steps to find my way back by letting myself start doing things I love to do again. The rest, as they say, is history. Magic started happening. Doors opened and opportunities to share more of what I love to do came pouring in. 

In this video training series, I’ll show you the exact same principles, mindsets, habits, and strategies I used to guide myself out of fear, confusion, and paralysis and re-connect with my creative prowess again. 

The results: I unlocked my musical talent so that I am now playing international stages within a mere few years of starting my musical career and I am producing acclaimed original material, I began to perform as a dancer again, I tapped into my voice to write inspired books, blogs, and screenplays, and I released the marketing career that didn’t honor my creative genius so that I could create Femvolution, the business I longed in my heart to give.

How have you held back your self-expression out of fear?

You may be noticing that there has been a cost in your life because of this: you may have relinquished long-held dreams and lost your connection to your creativity, your physical and emotional health may be suffering, or you may be plugging away at work that you hate.

If we want to have the world-changing influence that is so needed now, we must stop believing that we have to mold and shape ourselves into conformity with the expectations of the world around us, and instead honor our true passions and gifts.

I created this video series to help you find the inner freedom to turn your deepest creative impulses and unrealized genius into art and businesses that inspire and innovate. 

Here’s more of what you’ll learn in this free training:

You will discover how to:

~Unlock your creativity so it can flourish and flow. (Learning how to navigate resistance and open the creative channel is priceless to help you produce your work with a lot more pleasure!)

~Cultivate the consistency that is absolutely necessary to get through the challenges and to bring your visions to life. (This is unconventional and completely counter-intuitive.)

~Ignite the solid confidence you need to share your talents. (My approach to confidence is so simple but stunning in its impact.)

Creative self-expression is an act of bravery and courage. I’d love to help you through.

My free video series, Cultivating Creative Confidence, is like a a clarion call for you to fully honor and own your creative prowess and it’s completely FREE, so go here now and check it out!

If you find value in this, please share this series with the women in your life that you think would also find it valuable.

I look forward to seeing you in the comments section of the videos!

To Your Creative Freedom,


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