Here is the next installment of the Liberation series! It feels appropriate that as I send this to you I am heading off to Burning Man to further liberate my self-expression in the dust at the ultimate celebration of radical self-expression on the planet! Rest assured, I’ll be sending pictures and stories when I return!

In the meantime, here’s part 2 on the theme of LIBERATION and, introducing, my video series 21 Days of Liberation


My experience at the reception I spoke of in the previous newsletter was a fabulous pre-cursor to my performance at the Enchanted Forest Festival (www.enchantedforestmendo.com). I was a featured performer along with incredible, cream-of-the crop musical talent in my genre of music. This was the biggest stage I’ve been given yet in terms of the opportunity for exposure. Plus it gave me the chance to fully fulfill on my vision I’ve been nurturing for over a year to weave dance and theatrical performance into my musical sets – to really let myself be the star of the show (something I started the week before). 

I enrolled 6-7 other women to come dance with me. We all adorned ourselves in gorgeous white and we fully gave our feminine power that day to create a Goddess temple on that dance floor. It was epic. And I capped off the set by doing my solo dance to a remix I produced and feel very proud of (http://soundcloud.com/aliarhythms/ill-carry-you-alia-chrysalis). As I jumped out into the audience and let my Spirit fly it felt sooo good, like the most natural place in the world for me to be. 

And I created real impact. In fact, I am excited to be creating a special offering coming soon that will give you some of my secrets to creating a lasting impact – which leaves people wanting more of you. This is nothing but a good thing for your business or creative endeavors!

For now, below are some pics of my performance:



This next level I got to this month required that I unleash a lot more of myself. I needed to step up and step out on those stages in a big new way. I needed to liberate myself, which meant I had to burn through the old stories that were keeping me small and hidden. 

Liberation has been a big theme this summer. In addition to it being Independence Day here in the States last week, I also did an intensive designed around embodying the divine feminine archetype of Kali. Most of you probably know what intense energy Kali is – she is the remover of illusions and false masks, the great Liberator. When consciously harnessed this energy can provide immense assistance to help us cut through those things that no longer serve us. 

Coming out of the Kali intensive, this phrase formed in my head:

“Liberation is letting go of safety”

To free ourselves, we must burn through the illusion that there is safety. I know in my own life I have made what I thought were the “safe” or “appropriate” decisions only to find that later my pursuit of safety at all costs drained me of my life force – which had way more of a toll on me than any judgment or criticism could possibly have had. This turned out to be the far less “safe” option. 

I shut the door on a lot of the things that were fun and passionate and natural for me in service of…what? A respectable career. An appropriate relationship. To live into other people’s ideas of the right way to live. So much of which was ill-fitting and denying who I was at the core. 

Sound familiar? 

I know a lot of you out there are living lives and creating businesses that simply aren’t you – or the fullest expression of you. 

So what if you liberated your true essence? Scary perhaps. But probably worth moving through the fear for, right?

If this resonates with you in any way, then I invite you to ask yourself:


The answer could be anything…maybe you could start to sing, dance, or write again; tell the truth to someone you love; stop lying to yourself; quit your job; change your business; let your personality come out in videos; or start using your gifts and skills in a new way.

If you are saying to yourself “I have no idea how to set myself free” and you want support with this, I am here and I am ready to help you unleash your true brilliance. Contact me at [email protected] for a complimentary strategy session today. 

To your unbridled brilliance!





P.S. Let go of the safety, beauty! Your life is waiting!