Today’s article is long so if a lot of words make your eyes cross, feel free jump to the hot punch line at the bottom. When I start writing I can go for a while! I do hope you will join me for the journey, though, because I am sharing some of my story I have never shared before. I promise this is a juicy one!!

Do you ever feel like there are parts of you getting left out of the mix in your business, your relationships, or how you express yourself?

This might be unintentional because there are parts that you have disowned for some reason or it’s intentional because you are hiding these aspects of you thinking that they won’t be accepted or appreciated or that you might be judged or even laughed at.

Either way, you just know that you are not bringing all of yourself to the table and that is frustrating. I know what this feels like!

A lot of my life I was leaving out some part of me. This happened especially when I was a blooming teenager with some alternative ideas in an affluent, conservative town with English parents with some traditional ideas of who I should be, what I should do, and how I should live.

My father was pretty rigid and domineering so trying to do something he didn’t like wasn’t a good idea. I became very skillful at hiding parts of me which came out with communities of like-minded friends that were my sanctuary. I also became somewhat of a chameleon being able to merge into almost any environment and share only the things that would resonate with that group of people.

What I learned at the time was that it was unsafe to be fully expressed and it was less stressful to do what my parents told me to do.

This led me to be quite academically successful and go to a great Ivy League school which has served me deeply, and it also meant that I denied parts of myself that were just starting to grow – my creative expression especially. I was told my creative interests were hobbies – not something you could pursue and be successful at in a professional career.

I remember that first time when I collapsed in on my true desire to follow a creative pursuit. I didn’t follow where my heart was being tugged and instead chose the “respectable” path, the realistic path, the path that my parents wanted for me.

I was in college looking at internships and I had the opportunity to apply to a film production company created by the famous director Francis Ford Coppola. I had been reading Entertainment Weekly for years and was fascinated by movies and I felt so excited by this. My parents: not so much!

So I went with something more “serious” and wound up working for the human rights organization Amnesty International, which was still really interesting and I dare say has informed my passion to empower and liberate women around the world because of all the atrocities I was reporting about.

Yet, it wasn’t my heart’s desire.

I spent many years following college working as a marketing and branding professional in corporate environments even though that wasn’t my heart’s desire either. I became very out of alignment with myself physically, emotionally, and spiritually weathering healing crises in my body and unhappiness in my Spirit.

It was the pain I felt that set me into motion to find my way back to my true self and for the last decade I have been devoted to moving through all of my blocks and unraveling my stories so that I could UNLEASH MYSELF and start giving and living my true passions.

Now everything I do in my business and out is a creative expression of me.


I realized recently that I had been leaving a pretty significant part of me out of the equation again! This time I had abandoned all of my extensive branding and marketing expertise leaving it out of my coaching offerings because I felt so wounded about that time in my life.

I have been healing and integrating this and now find that on the other side of it, I feel inspired to help women with this! In fact I have been quietly helping women develop their personal brand, but not in an obvious, overt way.

Meanwhile I’ve been amassing more and more knowledge in this area from study with high level mentors and, once I let go of the old stories, unearthing a genuine passion for the inquiry into how we can use these tools to give more of ourselves to the world.


I know you’re here with me because you want to give something, you want to build something, you want to help people and you want to put your own creative signature on your work. Yet some of you have NO idea how to do that.

The path to sharing your voice, your art, your healing service or your message with the world can be a scary one.

Along this tangled journey of stepping off the traditional path to build my own passion business and my identity as an artist, I have learned the Art of Creating Yourself.

The path of helping people and sharing your passion, mission, and message is the path of high spiritual and emotional rewards AND I want you to have some real-world, tangible, and financial rewards with that too!

I want to help you stop being so under the radar that you are the best-kept secret around and step into being in very high demand.

I want you to be the thriving queen of your domain because, honestly ladies, that’s the only way we are going to make the true impact we want to have on this planet – we MUST be taken care of so we can do our great work.

What does it take for this to happen?

In this crowded Internet age, you need to have a Rocking Personal Brand and you must be willing to Step Into Your Stardom in your area of expertise.

Consider for a moment what you would do if you stepped through your terror barrier to give all those ideas hiding in you. What would you say? What would you do? What would you reveal? What would you share? What would you write? What would you dance? What would you offer the world?

I didn’t have a guide for most of my journey to show me how to do this and I have learned a LOT that can shorten your path dramatically.

So here’s the big reveal –


I have taken all of my branding and marketing knowledge, my experience unleashing myself as a creative performer, all of my teachings on how to live a feminine lush life, and my vast transformational skills to create an opportunity for you to work with me to unlock your true influence, impact, and business success.

This is a way more powerful way for me to help you, the women wanting to make waves and create movements, to be of service to the planet.

This has been my mission for Femvolution all along. I am SO excited to have a more well-rounded and effective way to serve you!

I have opened up some time in my calendar this MONDAY 3/26 and TUESDAY 3/27 and I am offering


These FREE 30-MINUTE DISCOVERY SESSIONS are your opportunity to discover what is needed for you to have a breakthrough in your personal brand and visibility so that your business, creative project, or service can have a far greater reach and impact and you can enjoy more opportunities, income, quality of life, pleasure and joy, and personal fulfillment.

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These sessions are especially appropriate for those of you who are creating your identity in the world and you have to “sell” yourself.

~You might be a coach, artist, performer, author, speaker, entrepreneur, visionary, trailblazer, change agent, catalyst and raw talent.

~You might have your own business, creative endeavor, idea, vision, system, process, book, and art that you are currently sharing or want to.

~You may already have had some success in another business but you feel stifled and boxed in by it and you are ready to leave that to pursue something more creative, alive, and in alignment.

~Or you may want to redefine, reinvent or refine what you do and you feel ripe for a reivention.

Wherever you are, the common element is that you have a burning creative fire and you know you want to do whatever it takes to put yourself fully behind that.

Every moment that goes by that you’re not giving your creative visionary genius feels intolerable and you need help.

I am your Woman!

I want to help you get there. I’ve got a pretty powerful way to do it.


This link will take you to a scheduler where you can choose a time. If the times don’t work for you or if they are gone but you would still like to talk, please send us an email at [email protected] with “Brand Breakthrough” in the subject line.

I look forward to supporting you!

With deep gratitude,