It has been a little while since I have written you! I have been experiencing so much movement in my life over the last two months I’ve had to really expand to keep up with it all.

I’ve spent a lot of time on stages in these recent weeks and I have unleashed myself at a new level in my professional expression and in music performances. As a result I have up-leveled my frequency and I am experiencing a new level of integration of my artistic and business identities. This is having a ripple effect on new projects I am creating right now and opening up amazing new insights.

I am beyond excited to share about these projects with you! But they need just a little more time in the oven before I can reveal what’s coming.

So, in the meantime, I thought we could talk about LIBERATION.

I have been experiencing a feeling of liberation beyond anything I have experienced my entire life! It’s a really amazing feeling and I’ll tell you it was NOT always this way.

This is a more recent experience that feels like I’m finally seeing the fruits of some big work I’ve done to set myself free from my old stories about myself and my past, my conditioning and environment, expectations from my family and the culture where I grew up, and from all the ways I was sabotaging myself by staying small and quiet.

Would you like to experience more liberation in your life? Where do you not feel liberated right now?

This whole experience has had me thinking a lot about the ways we hold ourselves back from truly liberating ourselves to be fully expressed in our businesses, our creative endeavors, our relationships and every other area of our lives.

This is a hot issue for women because unleashing our most authentic expression can be a vulnerable act that requires a willingness to set aside our fears and concerns of judgment (from men and women) or falling out of rapport with people we care about.

I am going to weave together my stories and photos from some events from the last couple months with some potent themes and questions for you to explore.

I hope this will open up some potent exploration for you to discover how you can set yourself free to UNLEASH MORE OF YOUR BRILLIANCE AND GENIUS and step into your LIBERATION – yeah!

There is so much to catch you up on so I am splitting this content into two issues to keep them a bit shorter and more digestible (although still quite full – grab a cup of tea and get cozy!). You’ll get the second half in a few days so stay tuned.

Let’s dive in!


I participated in Christina Morassi’s (www.christinamorassi.com) incredible live event in June called “Flip Your Switch” and contributed some music to the party too! It was sooo much fun! The room was filled with amazing women entrepreneurs creating their personal brands and businesses and busting through limitations and stories holding them back.

We played with stepping into greater visibility – by speaking up, letting ourselves shine, wearing brighter colors and beautiful dresses, and stepping into our star power in mini photo shoots.

I bought a new dress for the event in a bold gorgeous purple color that I would NEVER usually wear (I’m coming off of a decades-long black phase!). It was edgy but so liberating to stretch into this and it imprinted me with a new level of confidence.

We did a ton of movement at this event too. Movement has always been a cornerstone of my live workshops because I know how important it is to access and integrate wisdom from the body. Christina said something which I love, “Movement is saying yes” – I couldn’t agree more.

Have you noticed how sometimes when things feel challenging your body freezes?

Remember we are animals at our essence and we have similar fight or flight responses. When we get scared, confused, sad, or angry, our body tightens and closes.

When we work with this innate impulse and start to consciously open up our body again through movement, it goes against the grain of the pattern and new information starts to open up for us as well.

When we say yes to the experience we are having, whatever it may be, without trying to force ourselves out of it or make it better, but gently moving with it, hard feelings start to soften, answers start to come, and inspiration rains on us.

So when you feel stuck or when you find yourself frozen in confusion or doubt or fear, start moving! This will liberate you to shift into a different experience.

Below is a picture (albeit fuzzy) of me in my purple dress dancing all the new learnings into my body with Christina on stage in the background.

And here’s a pic from the mini photo-shoot I did at the event:



—>How might you liberate more of your expression?<—

This week I invite you to explore how you might unlock just a little more of you in your self-expression and your business.

Would you step up your visibility in your business? Dance more boldly? Smile a little wider? Share that amazing pic of you on social media? Wear that hot dress you love in the middle of the day for no reason (gasp!)? Write that provocative blog? Finally tell the truth about your desire to your partner?

—>Comment HERE on the blog and let me know what ONE thing you will do this week to liberate your expression.<—


The day after Christina’s event I went right into the extraordinary wedding of two dear friends Bryan Franklin and Jennifer Russell (www.mindmoneymeaning.com). Bryan is a mentor of mine in both business and music and he and Jennifer have been huge supporters for my creative success as an artist as well as a coach, often seeing my brilliance far better than I could see it myself for a while.

This is what I do with my clients too, I hold up the mirror so they can see themselves.

We need those people on our team who can see us and believe in us when we have trouble mustering our own self-confidence.

Needless to say I felt very privileged to be asked to contribute to their gorgeous, creative Burning Man style reception populated by some of the most leading-edge, talented artists I’ve seen.

I performed a solo dance (my first solo performance in almost 15+ years!) in their honor which led into my music set (did you know I also have a musical avatar? My other name is ALIA! You can explore some of my music sets at my site www.aliarhythms.com).

More of my expression that had been locked up for a bit came out in this performance and it felt amazing!

Many of my friends and community were present to witness this and were, frankly, a bit blown away. My boyfriend had a hard time pulling his jaw off the floor saying, “I didn’t know you could do that!”.

The truth is it wasn’t surprising he or my friends would have this reaction – I had been hiding this part of my genius for far too long.

Sure, I had a lot of great, rational reasons – I had some wounding experiences around my dance and creativity which had me lose my confidence and my way so I focused too much on developing skills and abilities that were tangible and marketable and didn’t always nourish these more intangible gifts.

And the biggie: I listened to my parents who told me my creative gifts were only hobbies and I needed to pursue something more “serious” for my career.

Well, it turns out since I let the story go that you can’t be paid for your art and have let myself grow and evolve as an artist, over the last few years I have been paid quite well for my “hobbies”!





Friends who were so moved by this performance have been sharing about me with their networks which has led to new subscribers, followers, and opportunities. Plus, one especially influential friend and mentor has asked me to co-create an event with her in the Fall as a result of this experience which is going to be HOT. I really can’t wait to announce this to you!

**This has underscored for me what can happen when you liberate your innate genius and share it with the world. Immense rewards can come that maybe you cannot yet see from your current vantage point.**

When you push through your fear and share what you’ve got anyway – this is when the magic happens!


—>How might you liberate more of your innate gifts?<—

Are there skills and talents you were either gifted with when you came into this life or put a lot of attention into cultivating only to shut the door on them because they don’t match the picture of what you think you should be doing now (or what other people think you should be doing)?

What if you let yourself start sharing those things again? You might be surprised (like I was) at just how well the world responds! Maybe you too will make such a mark that people will start to buzz about what you do.

You will never know what might come of it until you share it!! If you’ve been letting your gifts get a little dusty on the shelf, then this next request is for you!


—>Comment HERE on the blog and let me know what ONE thing you will do this week to liberate your innate gifts.<—

OK, dear one, stay tuned for Part 2 which will come in a few days – can’t wait!

To Your Liberation!



P.S. Remember, don’t forget to share here how you will liberate yourself this week! Back up those big ideas with some ACTION!