Hello Beautiful!

I feel inspired to share something with you…

I’ve hit on some key ways of being that I think are essential to your pursuit of creating what you truly desire in the most pleasurable, sustainable way possible.

These are like the “inner game” guidelines that, if embraced, can help you show up more powerfully, full of energy, vitality and joy in your outer game.

This translates to more aligned action, less effort, and the results you want.

I explore these in detail in my Lush Life Immersion Program but I thought I’d give you an overview of each one here as you can take any one of them and start applying them now to experience rapid shifts in how you feel in your life.

I’d love to know what you think! Do these resonate with you? Is there anything you’d add or take away? Let me know in the comments below!

Here we go…

1. Show Up For Yourself

This is your willingness to show up each day and do the things that support you to step into what you want. This is your willingness to keep doing that even when it’s hard – on both the good days and the bad days.

This is your ability to do that even when no one else is showing up for you. This is about being your own best friend, motivating yourself, being your own cheerleader (one of my practices I’ll share about soon!), and staying in integrity with your word to yourself.

If this is the only thing you start to engage with seriously you are well on your way to a very different experience of life.

2. Embrace Your Resistance

Any time we engage with new ways of being we are bound to come face-to-face with our own special flavor of resistance.

Maybe it’s the inner voice that pops up and says “you suck”. Maybe it’s getting overwhelmed, foggy and unclear. Maybe it’s reaching for the pint of ice cream and putting on the movie instead of working on your latest creation.

The best way I’ve found to work with this is to embrace it, be in the emotion just long enough so it’s felt but not so long that you sink into a self-defeating hole.

Give it it’s voice, let it scream it’s complaints, then call time and shift state; take a walk, put on music and dance, do some yoga, take a cold shower (that will REALLY perk you up!) or call a friend.

3. Allow Yourself To Be

We spend a lot of time trying to change ourselves to how we think we should be. We think that most of who we are and what we are doing isn’t adequate based on some invisible evaluation system that we picked up somewhere along the way.

What if you gave that a rest and tried letting yourself be for once? Imagine the relief.

Allow your pain. Allow your anger. Allow your sadness. Allow your joy. Allow your pleasure. Allow your brilliance. Allow your beauty. Allow your creativity. Allow your intelligence.

Then notice how suddenly you experience movement in all the right directions.

4. Awaken To Who You Truly Are

Do the inner work to allow your true self to emerge. Awaken to your desires, your joy, your passions, your inspirations.

Let these be what you live on a regular basis.

5. Let It Go

So often we are dragging around all kinds of baggage from past experiences that no longer serve us.

Those experiences are gone yet the decisions we made about ourselves at the time are still very much present. And we are living them over and over again.

Allow yourself the gift of a fresh start. Recognize that you are an ever-changing being, literally, this is true at a cellular level.

Whatever you’ve been wearing like a scarlet badge – LET IT GO!

6. Embrace Your Worth and Value

In partnership with all of the above, it’s essential to retrain yourself into the belief in your worth and value.

Otherwise all of your efforts to let it go, awaken to who you truly are, allow yourself to be, embrace your resistance, and show up for yourself will feel very, very hard.

7. Celebrate Your Appetite

You are a juicy, divine feminine creature with an appetite for the fullness and bounty of life.

This is NOT something to be ashamed of. On the contrary, this is something to celebrate! This is your life force. This is your fuel. This is what makes it all soooo worth it.

Enjoy your bounty, Goddess!

8. Fall in Love With The Process of Emerging

Fall in love with everything in your one precious life. All of it. Fall in love with the challenges. Fall in love with the beauty. Embrace the journey as you would a lover.

9. Engage with the Yoga of Bliss or “Blissipline”

When we allow pleasure into our lives we expand what we are willing to experience. This can be terrifying.

Expanding our threshold for pleasure often brings up great discomfort for people. It requires consistency, attention, and regular training.

This is what I call the “Yoga of Bliss” because it is a practice just like a yoga practice. You must engage with it as you would any life-enhancing practice and recognize that your resistance will pop up and it won’t always look pretty.

10. Activate Your Commitment, Persistence, Personal Will, and Consistency

This is the flour to the cookie recipe – this is the heavy lifting.

This is how to keep showing up for yourself every day, day in and day out. Doing whatever it takes. Putting the practices in place that will help you do that.

Digging deep on those days when all you want to do is hide under the covers.

11. Give Yourself Permission

So often we are the only ones in the way of what we want.

I see women not giving themselves permission to be extraordinary, to be beautiful, to be successful, to be wealthy.

Each woman has a unique story for why that is. But the story is not helping you move forward.

See #5 above, and LET IT GO!

12. Forgive Yourself

Forgive yourself when all of the above doesn’t happen. Plain and simple. No more beating yourself up.

Re-commit to what you want and get back on track.

13. Take 100% Responsibility

For absolutely everything that happens in your life. This is FREEDOM.

14. Have Faith

Whether it’s in yourself or in a Higher Power. Whatever you believe in, ask for help. Say your prayers. Behave as if you are not the only one guiding this ship.

This is what navigates you through the darkness into the light.

This is what keeps you sane.

This business of being human is tough work alone. Recognize that you are not alone.


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