It’s great to connect with you again!

I have been having such a great time in the last couple of weeks talking with the women that scooped up my free discovery sessions and learning about what they are creating in the world. We are such a rich tapestry of amazing women and I feel more inspired than ever to help you get your voice out there, share your work, and thrive while doing it!!

This is my passion, this is my big why, this is what moves me out of bed in the morning. I want to give more of myself, and I want all of you to share more of yourselves – this, I believe, is a recipe for healing for the planet.

That and my adorable little pooch Kanga and kitty Azazia. They make it impossible not to smile. 🙂

In today’s newsletter I am sharing a some free resources to inspire you and fire you up with some great information that could help you grow personally and professionally.

I especially hope you can join me for my encore live presentation of my free webinar, “Secrets to Standout Stardom: Savvy Personal Branding Strategies for Women on a Mission” – it’s happening Wednesday, April 18th 12PM PST. If you can’t join live, feel free to sign up to receive the recording. All the details are below.



This is created by fellow Sisters from the Bay Area tribe – Devaa Haley Mitchell and Elaine Doughty – and features some inspiring speakers including Marianne Williamson, Arielle Ford, Lisa Nichold, Christine Arylo, Amy Ahlers, SARK, Debbie Ford, and my friends Jena La Flamme and Alexis Neely to name just some!

The actual live interviews happened last week but the recordings of the interviews are still up.

Hurry if you want to hear Marianne Williamson’s interview as her’s is expiring in 15 hours!

You can find it all here:


I listened to the interview on the Inspiring Women’s Summit with the creator of the film,Miss Representation, Jennifer Siebel Newsom (who is also the wife of the mayor of my hometown of San Francisco, Gavin Newsom) and was deeply impressed.

I have been so moved by the message of this film which aims to change the way mainstream media under-represents women and presents instead disparaging images of women and girls that make it very hard for women to feel powerful in themselves.

I think this is such a pervasive issue and an under-discussed one. I am so grateful Jennifer Newsom has taken the helm on this.

You may be able to find a screening of the film in your area or check it out on iTunes.



I know you’re here with me because you want to give something, you want to build something, you want to help people and you want to put your own creative signature on your work. Yet some of you have NO idea how to get your work out in a way that really reaches people.

The path to sharing your voice, your art, your healing service or your message with the world can be a scary one.

The path of helping people and sharing your passion, mission, and message is the path of high spiritual and emotional rewards AND I want you to have some real-world, tangible, and financial rewards with that too!

I want to help you stop being so under the radar that you are the best-kept secret around and step into being in very high demand.

I want you to be the thriving queen of your domain because, honestly ladies, that’s the only way we are going to make the true impact we want to have on this planet – we MUST be taken care of so we can do our great work.

What does it take for this to happen?

In this crowded Internet age, you need to have a Rocking Personal Brand and you must be willing to Step Into Your Stardom in your area of expertise.

Consider for a moment what you would do if you stepped through your terror barrier to give all those ideas hiding in you. What would you say? What would you do? What would you reveal? What would you share? What would you write? What would you dance? What would you offer the world?

I didn’t have a guide for most of my journey to show me how to do this and I have learned a LOT that can shorten your path dramatically.

So I’ve created a new training that I am sharing in a free webinar:

“Secrets to Standout Stardom: Savvy Personal Branding Strategies for Woman On a Mission”

If you want to rock your business or creative project to new heights then join me for this info-packed session which will give you some potent keys to get you started on creating your standout personal brand that generates you more opportunities, impact, and the cash to match.

This will be recorded so feel free to register if you can’t make it live but you’d like to receive the recording later!


This is especially appropriate for those of you who are creating your identity in the world and you have to “sell” yourself.

~You might be a coach, artist, performer, author, speaker, entrepreneur, visionary, trailblazer, change agent, catalyst and raw talent.

~You might have your own business, creative endeavor, idea, vision, system, process, book, and art that you are currently sharing or want to.

~You may already have had some success in another business but you feel stifled and boxed in by it and you are ready to leave that to pursue something more creative, alive, and in alignment.

~Or you may want to redefine, reinvent or refine what you do.

Wherever you are, the common element is that you have a burning creative fire and you know you want to do whatever it takes to put yourself fully behind that.

Every moment that goes by that you’re not giving your creative visionary genius feels intolerable and you need help.

I am your Woman!

I want to help you get there. I’ve got a pretty powerful way to do it.


With deep gratitude,

Alia Melissa Hall
Founder, Femvolution

P.S. What does your voice want to say? What if you unleashed it today?