“Being your true self is the most effective formula for success there is.”
~Danielle LaPorte

It feels so fitting to open up today’s resource round-up with one of my top sheros right now, Danielle LaPorte. Have you grabbed a copy of her book “The Firestarter Sessions” yet? Girl, what are you waiting for?? As the title indicates, it’s blazing hot.

More and more I am experiencing what Danielle speaks to above. There really is nothing else to do but “unbecome” that which you are not so that your true self can emerge. Let everything that is no longer you fall away and disappear into dust to allow your glow, your power, your passion to shine through.

As I shared on my webinar on Friday, my formula for success can boil down to this:

Setting Myself Free + Learning The Tools

You need the tools to make your burning desire a reality – to truly make your mission happen.

Today’s note is dedicated to sharing some of the tools I have learned along the path of building my business with you so that you too can start to chart your course toward your INEVITABLE SUCCESS. Because it can be inevitable – and most of the time you need help along the way.

I am showcasing an incredible woman who makes success look really sexy!! She is creating her business with confidence and clarity and has some *invaluable* free training to share with you to help move you forward.

I know not all of you are creating your own businesses yet – so i have also included a resource that is helpful for absolutely anyone. Have you heard of tapping? Check it out below!

Let’s start with:

MARIE FORLEO – Rich, Happy & Hot B-School
Free Video Training

I have been learning with Marie for about 3 years now and she is not just one of the top experts in the field of marketing and branding, but she is also a glowing example of someone kicking some serious business butt HER WAY – sharing her beauty and authenticity, throwing on some hip-hop and making dance videos, bringing some much needed humor and play, along with her signature non-nonsense, give-it-to-you-straight approach.

There are no fancy degrees or pedigree here. Marie is a girl from Jersey who helps you see that if she can do it, so can you! Her business has shot through the roof since I started working with her – we’re talking in the multi-millions a year now – so she really knows her business stuff and she is committed to sharing it with integrity, class, and some fempowerment sass!

She has just put out a series of free, extremeley high-value videos as part of the launch for her new world-class online business training program B-School. The reality is, to build a business (even service-based businesses) you must know what it takes to succeed online – this will give you a huge advantage and help you reach your goals *a lot* faster.

I’ll tell you, I have not seen free videos this good ever (and I see a lot of stuff cross my path)! So even if you are not yet building a business, I highly recommend you still go over and watch the videos because they are an essential primer for any woman who wants to become savvy about how to succeed in the modern world – this will help you do it more strategically and intelligently.

There are 3 content videos and they will lead into a 4th video in which Marie will talk about B-School. I hope you consider signing up – the experience will be unparalleled. If you decide not to, that’s totally cool. And, if you have big visions for your life and business, if you want to start sharing your passions, love your life + get paid for it, then jump in, Sister! And I’ll see you in there!


Free Tapping Training

Tapping is one of the most magical modalities I have come across. This deeply healing, incredibly easy technique has helped me go from unshakeably depressed and totally immobile to clear and kicking in 30 minutes – kid you not. Nothing else turns me around so quickly and nothing I’ve seen can so effectively reach the sub-conscious parts of us that are throwing up some resistance.

It is sooo easy to learn and you can use it anywhere, anytime. It’s very empowering which is probably why it’s been taking the world by storm.

The Tapping World Summit offers free interviews with some of the world’s top experts including Nick Ortner, Carol Look, Jack Canfield, Joe Vitale, Cheryl Richardson, Kris Carr and more on topic ranging from how to use it for pain relief, procrastination, financial success, relationships, and more.

Note: I am a little delayed getting this to you so the Summit is in its last week and some interviews are no longer available – but you can upgrade at the end of the event to receive the downloads of all the interviews.


*Disclosure: If you happen to purchase anything I recommend in this or any of my communications (through e-mail, Twitter, Facebook, etc.), there is a chance I will receive some kind of affiliate compensation (though, often I do not and I am simply supporting my friends and colleagues with their work in the world). Regardless, I only recommend stuff that I absolutely love from people that I fully trust and I aim to keep it to a minimum. If you ever have an issue with anything I recommend or promote please let me know. If you would rather not use a resource through my link, please feel free to Google the resources and follow that link.

My commitment is to provide you with amazing resources that will support you in your journey. If there is something else you would like to see, I would love to know that too. Thanks again for being part of this amazing community of awesome women! And please let me know how I can serve you more effectively.

To Your Success!
Alia Melissa Hall

P.S. Remember, your success is inevitable as long as you do whatever it takes to make it so! Back up those big ideas with some ACTION and dig into these free trainings today!