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The Secrets to Feminine High Performance that Every Lush Woman Knows:
How To Make the Shift From Struggling Woman to Wonder Woman And Start Experiencing The Pleasurable Success You Deserve

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P.S. The Lush Life Immersion Program Launches This Week! There are two groups starting – one on Thursday 3/8 and Monday 3/12. If you’d like to take this deeper – join us! http://femvolution.aliasounds.com/lush-life-immersion/

Here’s more about the content:

Too often I hear women describe their suffering and it is like they have turned on themselves. They feel stuck. Their career, relationships, and life in general can feel like a lot of work. And they are the very thing in the way of that changing.

They may have even become so used to struggling they don’t even know what it’s like not to anymore – it has become the wallpaper of their experience which eventually fades into the background.

Do you relate?

I know oh so well what this is like too – I was stuck for YEARS!

And there’s a cost to this…you struggle with…

~Your health and well-being
~Your connection to your lover
~Your sense of peace and harmony
~Your capacity to be present and experience joy
~Your effectiveness, productivity, creativity, and ability to be as successful as you’d like

Goddess, this simply doesn’t work anymore because you cannot do the work you are here to do while operating at half capacity!!

**If you’re having trouble side-stepping:

~Your sabotaging behaviors
~The ways you cave in on yourself
~The ways you settle
~The ways you don’t let yourself be, do, and have what you really want

Then join me in this call and take this opportunity to unleash yourself!!

SIGN UP HERE: http://eepurl.com/jzZv5

Here’s the key thing I’ve discovered:

The First Necessary Step You Must Take to Unleash Yourself Is:


Living Your Lush Life is an essential linchpin in your business and life strategy!

Living Your Lush Life =

~Allowing yourself to actively embrace more PLEASURE
~Building a life in which you are taking exquisite care of your self
~Following what feels good

In doing so, you are creating lush, fertile ground for your creations to start to bloom.

This is the path of less effort, high returns, and good vibes the whole way. This is the way to bust out of any paralysis or stagnation you’ve been in.


This is how you get to show up as your very own Wonder Woman and kick ass at all of your creative business endeavors without sacrificing your #1 most important resource – YOU!


~Why you must design your life based on what will inspire more clarity, energy, vitality, enthusiasm, strength, and confidence.

~The critical role pleasure plays in a woman’s creativity, productivity, and effectiveness

~Why you must show up for yourself before anything else

~A simple process to get immediately tuned up with your internal compass and restore and renew your relationship to yourself

~The key to navigating negative spirals and transforming resistance into workable energy

~How engaging this in your life helps increase your clamor factor and makes you irresistible – which means more professional and romantic opportunities, clients, and money!

SIGN UP HERE: http://eepurl.com/jzZv5


That is the key to my natural vitality, energy, and enthusiasm which is what enables me to show up powerfully for my clients and in my relationships, juggle multiple projects and brands, rock people’s worlds behind the DJ decks, light up the stage, bring my passion and unique voice to my writing, and make an impact in connections with people that leads to them clamoring to know about me.

This is what enables me to show up when I have debilitating thoughts that tell me I can’t do it, or when I get scared, or when I tear myself down.

This is what enables the women I work with to show up for themselves and see massive shifts in their productivity, clarity, creativity, relationships, and money.

One past participant said:
“This group has seriously shifted my relationships to my body, men, my work, and my creative practice in just 5 weeks! I am finally doing things and seeing things happening that I’ve wanted for months! I believe that committing to cultivating this energy of feminine lushness, juiciness, and ease in my life was truly groundbreaking. “

And I’m ready for more of you to experience the power of this in your own lives!

P.S. So, Goddess, you’re committed to more for yourself, yes?? If not, then re-commit today and get your butt on this call with me so you can start a new conversation for your life!