Somewhere along the way someone decided you need to be fearless in order to be successful and we’ve been sold this idea to the point where if we do experience fear, then we are coded to feel like we will never reach high levels of success. This is a belief which, once it is entrenched in our psyche, is actually detrimental to our efforts at forward momentum.

Who thought it would be a good idea to tell us that we need to obliterate something inside of us that is a universal human experience? Because though we might try very, very hard (I sure have) we can’t ever really get rid of it. And if we have bought into this idea that we are only successful when we no longer have this experience, well then we’ve just thrown up a massive block to our true success and fulfillment.

The hard truth is you will most likely never be fearless (unless you reach true enlightenment, but even then I’m skeptical) and the idea that you need to be in order to get what you want is total bunk. I know I waited a long time to generate any meaningful movement on my projects thinking that because I was scared shitless that meant I hadn’t learned mastery over myself yet which seemed to mean that I wasn’t ready yet. And I don’t want you to do the same!

I have had a few mentors talk about this with slight, personalized tweaks on the same idea. Fear is excitement in disguise. Fear is just sensation like everything else. Fear is actually a blinking indicator of our jaw-dropping creativity. Fear is actually a sign that you are actually on the right path and in alignment with your mission. You get the idea. Bottom line: fear is actually our FRIEND. The more we start to get in relationship with it and appreciate it rather than run from it the more we can harness it’s incredible power.

Have you noticed when you get stopped by fear you get depressed? This is the creativity energy that is ripe with potential and wanting to come through you getting pinched off. It is the potent impulse to create hobbled in its inherent growth and expression.

When I get down, heavy, and depressed, I do a few things. First and foremost I do the things that will support me physically and energetically like exercise, time outside in the sun, and healthy foods and supplements. I also do something that will move the creative energy like dance, write, work on music for DJ sets – anything to get the juices moving.

I’ll add here that the “just do something, do anything” advice so often given to solve this challenge does not always work for me and I imagine might not work for you either. Sometimes when I’ve taken this advice, I’ve tidied up the house, done dishes or tried to do bills (not a good idea!!) and I’ve wound up just feeling more incompetent and frustrated because I can feel how I am delaying the most innate, natural impulse for me and this kills my spirit and my motivation. The key is to take the most nourishing, supportive actions that will spark some movement in the right ways.

So what have we learned here? You will likely never be fearless so don’t waste away your precious life waiting for a pipe dream and go move some of that creative energy. You will then tap into true magic and discover that well of energy and brilliance that has been there all along.

Much Love,