Greetings from New York City where I’ve been delayed getting home to San Francisco due to Hurricane Sandy!

The last 2-3 days have been pretty nutty!! If you’ve been watching the news reports then you know that the hurricane has left a lot of people in Manhattan displaced from their homes. 

The power is out in the lower third of Manhattan, the subways and railways were flooded, the airports have been shut down, and people from around the world as well as residents have been searching for places where they can get power and water.

I got caught in this after coming out here for Marie Forleo’s Rich Happy & Hot Live event which was awesome! Here’s a pic of Marie and “Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips” author Kris Carr rocking it on stage during a dance break:

Imagine how disconcerting it was to come out of this little bubble of entrepreneurial enthusiasm on Sunday to the news that the place where I was staying was being evacuated! I had to act fast and find another place to crash. Then the power went out at that place so I had to scramble to move somewhere else with power! Whew!

My honey and I have a little running joke – whenever we go for hikes he always gives me little physical challenges like walking across a log that is pretty high up (which still freaks me out!). We say that I am “training for the apocalypse”.

It sounds funny but every time I take on a challenge and succeed I feel more and more like a Warrior Woman, with a capital W thank you very much! I feel like my own bonafide superheroine. Well, this week I sure felt like I was putting my training to good use!

Walking through lower Manhattan felt post-apocalyptic – every building was dark and every store was shut – it was spooky! And upper Manhattan was mobbed with people trying to figure out where to go and buying supplies from stores where the shelves had been completely cleared. 

This definitely called up images from some recent movies and TV shows (like “Revolution”) and made me realize that our society is *highly* dependent on electricity and when we lose it, all of the communications and infrastructure we have designed our lives around would disappear! 

I don’t know about you but I often take it for granted that my life will just stay like it is. Then natural disasters like this shake me into remembering that things could change in a very short moment so really the only opportunity I have is NOW to really go for it. 


–>Am I doing what I want to be doing?

–>Am I happy?

–>If it all went away now would I feel like I gave it all?

The answer to this in the past hasn’t always been “yes” and that really hurt. 

Now, though, I can absolutely say yes! It feels really awesome!! Yes, there’s more to go and more people to reach, more to create, but I can say that I am touching people, I am making a difference with my business and my music, I am giving my genius, I am having incredible, life-expanding experiences, and I am loving big and living well.


–>Are you doing what you want to be doing yet? 

–>Are you happy and fulfilled? 

–>Are you giving your genius? 

–>If not, WHY NOT?!

I think sometimes we can get lulled into thinking that there is more time to do that thing…you know, that thing that sits in your imagination or your heart burning away at your insides…but, what if time runs out?

I know for me, the thought of this is absolutely heart-breaking and maybe it is for you too. 

So, here’s the thing, I don’t want you to have to wait to do what you are really here to do! I want you to go out dancing, loving, and giving everything you got!! 

I have been hearing from some of you that the thing in your way, the thing stopping you from fully going for it, is that you don’t know what you want to be doing!! Or you’ve got some major crusty muck (i.e. nasty negative beliefs or quick-sand confusion) in the way.


–>Be confused about your purpose, swimming in self-doubt, or unsure WHAT TO DO to start giving the goods – you need a blueprint! 

–>Feel bored and completely unused yet you don’t know how to evolve your business or life to something that gets you to jump out of bed in the morning

–>Have works of art and ravishing creativity sitting gathering dust in your closet or your hard drive of shame

–>Be banging your head on marketing tactics and strategies trying to make things work but they are just not clicking

–>Drown in comparisonitis and low self-confidence every time you go on Facebook

–>Have an idea for a business or art piece or social change project but you have no idea how to actually make it happen

–>Not know exactly what you want to say, what your message is…even though you do know you’ve got something locked up inside scractching at the door to be let out because you can feel it like a fist in your gut every time you see another woman put something out there that looks pretty close to what you *could* say


You need help finding YOUR thing. You know, your special blend of fiery brilliance and Goddess-given genius. Or if you know your thing, you need help figuring out how to give it even more and in a way that lights your panties on fire. 

You’ve probably noticed that typically I only work with people 1-on-1 in 90-Day or longer programs and I know some of you are not yet able to work with me in a longer time-frame. Maybe your budget right now only has space for a smaller financial commitment. Or you’ve got travel or the holidays to think about. Or you want to get a taste of working with me before jumping into a longer commitment.

If this is you, I’ve created something you’re going to love!

I’ve decided to create a smaller bite, 2-hour package in which you can take a deep-dive into these questions with me. We’re going to go as far as we can to get you some CLARITY, CONFIDENCE and produce some sweet sweet RESULTS.

It’s going to be you and me, woman to woman, and we are going to get underneath your biggest obstacles to GIVING IT – you, your business, or what I like to call “THE BUSINESS OF YOU”. Because girl, it’s time to start taking yourself seriously!

I’m calling this the:


“Give Your Genius” is a module in my 90-Day “Brand Your Brilliance” program and it is the fundamental foundation for everything you create. We uncover the unique genius that only you carry – that special mix of talents, experiences, and passions that you have come here to share.

–>For some women this looks like unlocking (finally!) the puzzle of who you are meant to be. 

–>For some women this looks like giving you permission to do what you’ve already been secretly wishing for and hoping you could do. 

–>For some women it’s about finding the courage to leave your crappy job and dull existence to step into your dream career and turned on life. 

–>For some women who are already building an idea or business, it’s about defining how you can take this genius and share it in your business and art in a way that both ignites your passion and inspires people to want what you have to offer. 


I gained clarity on the next steps to take in the birthing of my life work and felt completely heard and supported by you…this was another important step towards fully knowing my own value and trusting in my gifts. Who knew it could be this simple. It’s liberating. It’s a fresh start. I don’t have to come up with a whole shpeel – All I need to do is just be myself. Your own version of genius is already in there – It’s all about having access to it.

~Iris Bieri, Feng Shui Consultant 

I feel like I’m on the right track. I feel energized and hopeful. Thank you for helping me see through the fog I was in when we first started working together. You gently guided and challenged me to realize what my heart needed and helped me shake off the dust. You have a very powerful gift, I am grateful that you were there to help me.

~Fabienne Jach, Graphic Designer, Style Blogger

This work has seriously shifted my relationships to my body, men, my work, and my creative practice…I am finally doing things and seeing things happening that I’ve wanted for months! 

~Nicole Casanova

Sweet, right?

It is one of my special talents to help you unlock the mysterious riddle of who you are and why you’re here — and especially to help you step into the brighter, more radiant version of you and your life. One colleague recently called me a “snake charmer” — I help lure out the parts of you that have been in hiding. 


–>I am only opening this up to 10 women – once the spots are taken, that’s it! I don’t know when I will offer this opportunity again because generally I like to work with people in a longer time-frame and I have some other programs I am cooking up.  

–>You can get a sweet discount – Currently for 2 hours of my time I charge $500. I am reducing this package to $400 – $100 savings for you…if you act! I want to reward you for not waiting! This is the lowest cost opportunity to get personalized 1-on-1 attention from me – any other options at this price point are group programs.


To get a spot you must respond to this email by TUES 11/6 5PM PST (no exceptions sorry!) and I highly encourage you to respond NOW because the spots will likely fill up. 


–>This is a 2-hour session meaning we will do two hours at once – this will allow us to go much deeper 

–>Ideally we would conduct the session over Skype – but we can do it over the phone

–>You will receive the recording and notes from the session

–>Payment must be made up front and in full – I accept PayPal and I can take your credit card over the phone – once payment is received, you will be sent some scheduling options

–>Once your session is scheduled, you will receive a detailed questionnaire from us that you must fill out and return prior to your session

Any questions? Feel free to email us at [email protected]!

OK, remember, the time is NOW!

Click “Reply” to this email and let’s get started!

I can’t wait to help you step into the most radiant and rocking version of you! 

To Your Genius,