We are now well into 2013. It’s extraordinary how quickly time goes by, isn’t it?! 

Like so many of us, you likely set some goals for yourself for the year. If you’re here with me, I can count on the fact that there’s something you want to give of yourself. Maybe you are developing a new business idea. Or perhaps there is a more creative expression you want to step into. 

By this time you have a pretty accurate sense of the rate of your progress towards creating what you want. How’s it going? Are you rocking it? Or feeling frustrated? Feeling on fire? Or feeling stuck?

This is a great time to take stock and get real. Have you really designed your life around what you most want to create? Or is it time for an adjustment?

Today’s article offers you a way you can begin to explore this for yourself.

The best antidote for paralysis or unhappiness is truth. Start to tell yourself the truth about what you really want and you will find your freedom. {TWEET IT}


Hopefully you know by now that I am deeply committed to helping you to take meaningful action towards designing your fully expressed, fully liberated dream life. I am all about not waiting when you could be living it right now. 

I know many of you have a longing to express yourselves more creatively – whether you identify as an artist or not.

You may already be engaged with creative projects that you want to take to the next level, you may want to bring more creativity to your business and brand, or you may simply want to re-activate the creative talents that have been lying dormant in you. 

So, I have been hard at work creating a new free training series for you!

The topic is all about cultivating your creative confidence. Think of it as an opportunity to get in tune with your deepest creative genius and as a clarion call for you to follow your creative prowess.

It’s time to awaken the sleeping parts of you.

It’s time to step into confidence in your creative gifts.


If you would like to jump on the pre-party list for this, you can sign up HERE. The first training in the series will be released later this week!


If one of your goals this year is to build a business that is both financially viable and a liberating expression of you and what you most want to give to the world, then check this out!

For years now I have been in the exploration of how I can do more of what I love day in and day out. When I felt really stuck in my corporate marketing career, some part of me knew there must be some way I could combine my passions into work that was enlivening rather than draining. There HAD to be. So I went hunting.

I have now created a business that is fulfilling coaching amazing women around creating their dream business, crafting their dream message, and living their dream life. AND I get to share my unique artistic expression with the world on a regular basis. My business has become my art and my art my business. 

The teacher who has most helped me through figuring all this out – handing me the practical tools while encouraging and modeling being creatively self-expressed in your business: Marie Forleo. 

Marie has put together some incredible free video training that can set you up with some of the fundamentals you can use to bring your dream biz to life.

Soak it all in HERE !

Later this week Marie is going to be opening the doors to her famous B-School program. I highly recommend it for top-notch business training combined with a kick-ass community of women (and men!) on the rise. 

To be completely transparent, if you click on the link above and you wind up purchasing B-School, I will receive a commission. 

As a thank you, anyone who purchases through me will receive a sweet package of (3)  60-minute coaching sessions with me absolutely free so you can get 1-on-1 support to put your new training into action. We’ll do a session toward the beginning of the program, in the middle, and at the end to help you implement with clarity and effectiveness. 


Have you designed your life around what you most want to create? Or is it time for an adjustment?

Maybe things are good but not great? If something’s not lighting you up then what are you waiting on? 

Grab a pen and paper – it’s Q & A time! These exploratory Qs are really going to help you define what most matters to you and identify the barriers and obstacles to you going for it so you can gracefully side-step them and start making meaningful movement in the direction you want to go.

1. What is the cost to you of not fully going for creating the life you want? 

Often we relate to “cost” as a financial equation – but there is an emotional, physical, and spiritual aspect to the equation as well. Cost is a relative issue – often things are impacting us way more than we realize.  

Write out all the ways this is having an impact on you.

For example – you may be feeling unfulfilled, frustrated, sad, or depressed. Or your energy might be low. Or you might feel like you are spending your whole day giving your energy and time to something you don’t care about. Or you may be experiencing physical ailments. Or you may feel envious of other people doing what they love.

You may be feeling the impact in your relationship with your boyfriend  because you are just not as juiced up and vibrant and happy as you know you can be. You may be feeling like you are not doing the work you were put on the planet to do, that only part of you is getting used well. Or you may feel like you are slowly dying because you are not growing and thriving…

You get the picture? So what is the cost for you?

2. How would your life change if this was resolved for you and you were doing what you want to do?

Paint the picture of how you see this playing out in your life…If you were fulfilled, how would things change for you professionally, creatively, emotionally, financially, physically, interpersonally, and spiritually? I want you to go into a lot of detail here!

3. What is the value of that to you? 

Is having this resolved for you worth pushing through the discomfort of your own fears? Is it worth taking the risk? Is it worth finding the money to invest in the solution to help you resolve this?

4. If your answer is no to the above then explore your answer to those last questions:

If not now, why? 

What is more important to you right now than doing what you want?


5. If your answer to question 3 is YES, then answer this:

What are you willing to do this week to take action toward the things you say you want?

Now go take action!


To Your Creative Power,



P.S. Did you pick up Origin magazine yet?  It is such an awesome publication with so many amazing interviews from people like Richard Branson, Jane Fonda, Erykah Badu, and features more of the top leaders today.

In my piece I wrote, “I find a woman powerful when she knows her own truth and charts her own path.” If you aren’t sure of your truth, be sure to go through the exercise I gave you!