I am delighted to introduce you to Femvolution!

My vision for Femvolution first hatched in conversations with women in my tribe here in the San Francisco Bay Area where we have a thriving women’s culture. I began to see that I wanted to share the teachings and opportunities for empowerment with women both locally and around the globe because they have been life-changing for me. 

What I have found is that my mission has grown beyond unleashing my own voice and creative fulfillment to also include the unleashing of women across the globe.

What’s at stake for me is the true liberation of women everywhere. 

I became eager to expand my reach. To touch women I might never have the opportunity to meet in person. To extend them a hand so that they will know they are not alone.

This medium enables a powerful virtual platform in which we can create a vast feminine web.

This connection and collaboration is activating a potent feminine power within us because this is our zone of genius. As women we are naturally relational so the more women that have the opportunity to tap into this juice, the more we become unstoppable.

My goal is to share everything I’ve learned along my path and continue to learn. And to introduce you to other amazing women who have stepped into life and business mastery and are out there sharing it. All so that you can harness the tools that can help you move from surviving to thriving, from settling to claiming your true wealth, and help you to become the kind of luminous leader in your corner of the planet who inspires people around you into changes that better their lives. 

My desire in sharing this is that it empower you, inspire you, open something up for you so that you may take another step closer to living the life you have been imagining and to experience the true fulfillment, freedom and happiness that is yours. 

It is my great wish that this reach women around the globe so that we may all be connected in this transition that is happening on our planet – the revival of feminine power after many centuries of it being quieted. Our stepping into leadership in our own lives and businesses in a new way will have ripple effects beyond anything we can see right now. We are collectively evolving the conversation around the feminine. We don’t yet know where this will take us but from this vantage point all I see is healing and love – nothing but good stuff for all.

And it starts in ourselves – in the ways we choose to live our life and approach our projects and businesses, the decisions we make, the ways we connect with the people in our lives, the ways we choose to take care of ourselves, the ways we invite in our desires and pleasurable experiences, the ways we cultivate our creativity, the ways we trust in ourselves, and the ways we step into faith and love.

Most importantly, it starts with your commitment to yourself. This is where you are the most empowered and it is how you can best help the people you reach. Start with you. And start now.

With Love,