Think back to a few months ago…

What goals did you have for yourself in your business or your life that you were hoping to accomplish by now? 

Now be very honest with yourself here: 

Did you do what you said you were going to do? Are you where you wanted to be now?

If not, why? Fear, paralysis, confusion, procrastination, doubt? All of the above? 

If this is you, read on!

I know what it’s like to feel like you’re in Groundhog Day because you keep having the same experience over and over with little meaningful forward movement on things you really care about. 

I got out and I know how you can too.

A few years ago I was treading a lot of water in my business. I was so overwhelmed by the big questions: What was my service or message? Who was my ideal client? How could I do what I was passionate about and get paid well for it? How could I package my skills in a way that people would want what I have to offer?

As well as the tactical questions: Should I use email marketing, social media, sales pages, tele-seminars, workshops, video, etc….

Not to mention I was drowning in FEAR – the kind I see so often: fear that you will fall flat on your face when you put yourself out there, that you will alienate the people you love, or that people will judge or criticize you. Or worse yet that you will be successful – because who would you be if you were successful?

Navigating all of these issues in your business with no support can lead to a lot of frantic scrambling and doing things that you fool yourself into thinking will help move you forward, but really just keep you busy so that you can say you did something that day. 

For me this looked like listening to a lot of free calls or reading free reports, and doing “visioning” that did not move me forward tangibly with what I wanted to be creating in the world.  

What was happening behind the scenes for me was a lot of depression and increasing frustration because I was not doing what I knew I was here to do. I was flat out overwhelmed, broke, and digging my own hole deeper and bigger than ever because I was not getting help. 

I was consistently behind on my bills and consuming so much energy just trying to figure out where the next client was going to come from. I considered going back into corporate branding because that was the reasonable and sane thing to do, and yet there was some crying voice from deep within me that kept saying “no, don’t do that”.

Because I was so frantic and chaotic, months, even years, would pass with little to no change. 

This was taking a huge toll on my confidence and self-worth, as well as on my relationships. My family didn’t understand me and my husband had to pick up the slack where I wasn’t stepping up. It wasn’t pretty. 

This did not change until I made a decision to GET HELP to break through the clutter of marketing systems and learn from a couple key mentors. 

And it was when I made the decision to invest at a higher level that I had to find the guts to get out there and make it happen – I couldn’t give any more excuses. 

This took a HUGE leap of faith and what this did was re-connect me with the part of me that knew deep down it was possible to be successful with my idea. 

Stepping into this next level forced me to connect deeply with my reason for doing this all in the first place – my WHY, my MISSION – the thing I was put on this planet to do.

I knew Femvolution needed to have a life! By getting help I re-invigorated my passion *and* majorly shortened my path to prosperity with it.

Today I am coaching incredible people all over the world helping them become the purest expression of the luminaries they were born to be. I am featured as a “Leader Changing the Planet” in this month’s Origin magazine. I am sought out as a speaker. And as a musical artist I am playing major stages at Burning Man, in Hawaii, and at the Chichen Itza pyramid for the end of the Mayan calendar on December 21st! 

I am living my dream life getting paid for my passions.

I think about what would have happened if I had said no to this burning ember in my belly and walked back to corporate with my tail between my legs…it would have meant that thousands of women wouldn’t receive the value of what I have to give. This would have been a huge loss! I get messages all the time from women thanking me for what I do.  

So for YOU…

I want you to imagine the cost and impact of you saying No to your vision, idea, or creative expression. 

Who would lose out from the missed opportunity to experience your brilliance? 

Would you continue the cycle of confusion and frustration and never do what you truly, in your heart of hearts, want to do?

So what if today you said YES to bringing your brilliance, talent, and vision to the world? 

What if right now you draw a line in the sand and declare “I will make this happen”! 

Right now you have the opportunity to cross your first threshold on your heroine’s journey toward your passionate prosperity.

It has become one of my deepest passions and super-powers to help other women get out of the spiral and on to the business of giving their genius. This is what I believe will help create the “Femvolution” I am inspiring in the world. 

Femvolution is about inspiring women to step up to create world-changing experiences. I am inspiring Feminine Luminaries In-the-Making like you to stop making excuses for why they are living an unrealized life and instead start living their dream life creating influence, impact, and inspiration. 

I have 3 spots open in my 1-on-1 90-day programs for 3 dedicated, diligent, and devoted creatresses ready to be RADIANT + ROCKING IT!

We have a little less than 90 days until the end of the year…plenty of time for you to get clear on how to create your unique business and your standout brand, to start giving your art, and to plot your departure from work that no longer serves you. 

If you have a creative fire burning within you and you are ready to release your resistance and stop settling, struggling and playing small…

I am ready to be on your team to help you cross that threshold into 2013 giving your genius with confidence, ease, and grace. 

I am ready to mentor you to see your own greatness. 

I am ready to help you tell the truth about who you are and what you want.

I am ready to give you all of my knowledge, expertise, and laser-sharp intuition.

Are you ready to meet me?

If you feel a YES bubbling up inside of you, if you know this is your time and you are ready to do whatever it takes, then email me at [email protected] and tell me why you are ready. 

If you are intrigued reading this but you have questions, we can have a 15-minute chat to answer them.

If you are terrified reading this, then be sure to reach out to me at [email protected] – that’s a sure sign there’s something on the other side of this for you – YOUR LIBERATION!

Liberation happens when we stop saying no to everything we are in order to mold and shape ourselves to who we (or others) think we should be. 

Liberation happens when we say yes to who we are and share ourselves unapologetically. 

Liberation happens when we honor and unleash our true genius, creative brilliance, passions, gifts, and feminine power. 

I am holding the space for your liberation.

Contact me now if you are ready to work with me to claim it! 

With Fierce Love,


I wanted everything to change and I made it happen, one little step at a time…I feel like I’m on the right track. I feel energized and hopeful. I wanted to let you know and to thank you for helping me see through the fog I was in when we first started working together. You gently guided and challenged me to realize what my heart needed and helped me shake off the dust. You have a very powerful gift, I am grateful that you were there to help me.

 ~Fabienne Jach, Graphic Designer, Style Blogger,

 You are a beacon of beauty, grace, and acceptance.  I always feel like I have a closer connection with my divine feminine when I am near you.  Thank you for the inspiration you have been. Let the femvolution begin and count me in your ranks!

 ~Jennifer Russell, Executive Coach, Co-Creator Mind Money Meaning 

 YES!!!! Feeling enlivened, inspired, empowered and awakened by my work with Femvolution… Still feeling a palpable shift felt within me, a heightened state of awareness, of joy, of expansion – an ancient strength has been re-activated. You have created an exquisite space for healing, transformation and heart filled service. Honored to be a part of this powerful journey alongside such radiant Goddesses.. heart-filled gratitude for your graceful, empowered, loving leadership. One very supercharged woman here…Officially switched ON!

 ~Alisha Blau, Physical Therapist, Movement Facilitator, 

 I have been so inspired over the years by your dedication and your commitment to women growing and becoming empowered in a way that deeply honors their feminine. Thank you sister.

~Shana James, Creator, Authentic Woman Experience

 This work has seriously shifted my relationships to my body, men, my work, and my creative practice…I am finally doing things and seeing things happening that I’ve wanted for months! I believe that committing to cultivating this energy of feminine lushness, juiciness, and ease in my life was truly groundbreaking.

 ~Nicole Casanova

 Melissa is a truly gifted coach and a beautiful, wise soul. Her work will leave you feeling inspired, transformed and ready to step into your full radiance. Awe-Inspiring Magical Medicine Goddess– thank you

 ~Jen Healy, Quantum Healer, 

 The experience was rich and deep, and it stimulated my imagination and inspiration…I gained clarity on the next steps to take in the birthing of my life work and felt completely heard and supported by you…this was another important step towards fully knowing my own value and trusting in my gifts.

 ~Iris Bieri, Feng Shui Consultant, 

 Working with Melissa leaves your heart blown wide open. She shines light where before was darkness, leaving you feeling enlivened with self accceptance, inspiration, and a deep connection with something much larger than yourself.

 ~Epiphany Shaw, NLP Master Coach

 I see shifts in my life now, changing my housing, looking for jobs/alternate career paths, shifting my relationships around so that they are better meeting my needs. I felt deeply touched, seen, ‘gotten’ in a way that I rarely feel in life. I got in touch with tender places in myself that I don’t always look at, or feel safe to access.

~C.L., Health Coach