Activate Your Business, Brand, and Brilliance Jumpstart Program

I am deeply moved by the United for Global Change event happening all around the planet on October 15th ( and the Occupy Wall Street movements that have been popping up everywhere. We are in a time of rapid change and we stand in the exciting possibility of actually being able to make a difference with our voices as a global collective.

This movement has inspired me to support my community of next-generation emerging women entrepreneurs, leaders, performers, artists, coaches, speakers, messengers and change agents, and any of you that are the face of your business or project and have something to share that can help people live well.

The world needs you now more than ever!

I am out to Empower Women and to Evolve Our Planet in the process.

I am opening up 8 spots in my practice for the women who are done waiting and are ready to take committed, bold action NOW!

I know many of you have been wanting to lend your voice and message to the mix.

I know you want to make a difference and have an impact.

I know you want to reach more people.

I know you have untapped brilliance inside of you that is yet to be shared.

I know you have an undeniable stirring in you and an impulse to give and be MORE!

I know you want to have a thriving business and live a thriving life so that you can free up more of your energy to give, to create, and to contribute.

I also know there is some way you have been holding yourself back, playing small, and feeling stuck. And this is painful.

You have been experiencing fear and self-doubt. You don’t know how to reach for the visions that come into your imagination struggling with how to get from where you are all the way over there to what you want. You are watching other people put themselves out there creating their successful projects and businesses and you think, “Why can’t I do that?”

You are afraid of what might happen if you put yourself out there in the way you know you can. You could be judged or dismissed. You could fail. You could say or do something that someone might not like or agree with. People might think you’re being too “big”.

We can’t do our true work if we are HIDING from others. Or from ourselves.

Sometimes the negative thoughts in our head compel us to settle for a life experience that is tolerable at best.

I don’t want you to keep suffering when you don’t have to.

I know from my own life how debilitating these internal thoughts can be, how they can slow down our progress to a crawl, and stop us cold from reaching for our true desires (if we haven’t abandoned our true desires altogether) and from sharing all of the incredible knowledge and wisdom we have to offer.

I know how low self-worth and confidence, cultural and familial expectations, and limiting thoughts around not having enough money can leave brilliant ideas, clients, projects, and works of art unclaimed or left in our wake when fear gets the best of us.

And I have found the way through.

I have freed myself from my former life and I liberate myself more and more everyday.

For a while I was a living example of how NOT to thrive. I felt so stuck and I knew that I was here for more but had no idea how to get there. Through a decade of intense personal growth training I exposed all my beliefs, habits, and patterns that were running me and I learned the tools to spot the blocks and transform them.

I have moved from an unhappy, isolated, experience in an environment and a career in corporate marketing that were off-track for me, to a lush life of professional fulfillment, true self-expression and creative contribution, abundance, and community.

I have created a life where I am what I do.

I have found my purpose, I am bringing my joy and creativity to the world as a music performer, and I am gratefully helping people grow, thrive and succeed through my work as a coach, seminar leader, and business mentor for women.

I am thriving and healthy physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Most of all, I feel happy a lot because I know how to navigate life’s challenges now and turn myself around when things get hard.

I am discovering what an incredible gift and inspiration this is to the people around me.

I want this for YOU too.

This is what the world needs!

It needs more of you to step up and out, to shake off the shackles and abandon your perceived limitations.

I can help you. There are simple tools, ways of being, and powerful mindsets I can teach you.

Too often I see women feeling at effect of their circumstances, their environment, and their past.

It doesn’t have to be this way!

You can be thoroughly ENCHANTED by your life!

What if you could:

Take Back Your Power

Reclaim the Reigns of Your Life

Create a Thriving Business and a Thriving Life

Have the Impact your Truly Want to Have

…No Matter What is Happening in the World Around You?

What if the New World Starts With You?

I am delighted to offer a way for you to step into this NOW



A 1-month deep dive to help you become the thriving woman who grows a thriving business.

*Unlock your LimitersShake free of those pesky beliefs – either yours or someone else’s – holding you back.

*Unravel your Old Stories. Then create your New Story

*Uncover your Clarity with your Mission, Message, and Offerings for your business or project.

*Uplevel your Money Consciousness and Break Through to your next level of experience.

*Unveil your most potent Business Strategy and Irresistible Brand – more of YOU.

*Unleash your True Potential – Your Expression, Your Influence, Your Impact


Show up with the confidence and authoritative voice you know is within you

Make the difference you have been wanting to make

Reach the people you are meant to serve

Live a full lush life that leaves you brimming with vitality to bring to others

Create your irresistible plan and step into your irrefutable power

I know that BIG results like this require BOLD action much like our fellow global citizens are taking across the planet right now…

So in commemoration of this incredible time in history, I am offering this package at a ridiculous discount for a very limited time for a reason.

I want to make it a no-brainer for you take bold, decisive ACTION.

No more waiting in the side lines. This is your call to step up NOW!

This is your invitation to make that true leap in your life and become the thriving, empowered woman leader who guides others to thrive as well.

You and I know you must be the example of that. You must walk your talk. To get people to invest in you you must invest in yourself.

To grow beyond where you are now you must move through your current circumstances and way of being – your current results are the product of your current mindset.

It is time to be UNCOMPROMISING with yourself – to BELIEVE in yourself – to TRUST in yourself.


“I gained clarity on the next steps to take in the birthing of my life work and felt completely heard and supported by you…this was another important step towards fully knowing my value and trusting in my gifts.” ~Iris Bieri, Feng Shui Consultant

Here’s what you get:

*An in-depth questionnaire to prepare

*A 1-hour strategy call

*A 2-hour deep dive (via Skype or in-person in SF Bay Area)

*A 1-hour integration call

You are going to get crystal clear on what’s been holding you back, step into a bold new game, and discover just how to bring out more of you.

You will walk away with a brand new plan and a new way of being to take into your project or business right away.

How valuable would that be to you?

“I felt gracefully guided by Melissa. She is really good at feeling other people’s hearts and speaking directly to them.” ~Ann- Marie Svilar, Writer



You can receive all of this for the small investment of:


A $300 DEPOSIT saves your spot.

$297 Balance is Due immediately prior to 1st session.

Ask about a payment plan.

AND to make it even sweeter the 1st 3 women who take decisive, committed action will receive:




CONTACT US to schedule a 15-minute conversation with Melissa to find out if this is right for you

Remember there are only 8 SPOTS available and when they are taken this offer will disappear!

The world is going to keep changing and evolving at an ever more rapid pace but you can move with it. It’s time to ACTIVATE

You CAN become the Mistress of your own Destiny

Embrace this opportunity NOW and you’ll never look back

I am so excited to support you!

Many Blessings,



About Melissa

After spending 9 years in a corporate marketing career where she was building big brands but she herself felt small, unseen, and disconnected while managing debilitating physical pain and old trauma, Melissa found the part of herself that knew she was here for more and courageously and sometimes with simply blind faith alone followed where it led her on the journey of reclaiming herself.

She engaged with intensive personal development and leadership programs, unleashed her creative expression receiving her graduate degree in screenwriting and becoming a sought-after dance music DJ and dance performer, cultivated her physical and emotional strength and confidence, discovered the transformational power and ancient secrets of feminine practices, integrated a pleasure mindset in her daily life, learned the keys to vitality and optimal health, and applied world class coaching and business training to set herself on an empowering path of designing her own business, personal brand, and her lifestyle in alignment with her true brilliance, happiness, and fulfillment.

Seeing so many women struggling, suffering and settling just like she was, Melissa has set out to share what she has learned fusing her vast experience and expertise into her personalized Platinum coaching, workshop intensives, all women’s events, writing, and a variety of resources and inspiration that help women generate inspiring business results while staying juicy, connected and living a life of pleasure.

Melissa has also been a featured Tedx presenter and radio guest. As DJ Bombgoddess( she brings some goddess spark and sass to a dance floor near you inspiring all beings to step out from the shadows and shine.