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Amplify Your Frequency, Create Your Legacy

Private Mentoring Programs for Visionary Women

I serve as a transformational guide, success coach, business strategist, creative collaborator, and quantum leap spiritual advisor to established powerhouse women Founders and CEOs, thought leaders, cultural creatives, and entrepreneurs seeking to create out-of-the-box ideas and unlock the next level of their genius and impact.

I support women to become brave visionaries, empowered leaders, and unique innovators using aligned feminine leadership to skillfully guide their business to reach a global audience. I am called to support these gifted visionary women to help bring change to the planet as Divine Feminine leaders and luminaries.

I help a woman move through the obstacles she is experiencing to blaze her own trail as a pioneer, influencer, and an agent of higher consciousness causing ripples of change in the world through her company, services, and her public voice.

I have helped women design new businesses they love that reflect their unique genius, strategize their departure from a career that is draining them, dramatically shift their existing business models and subsequently double or triple their income, clear longstanding blocks that they had trouble shaking, get clear about what they want to say and share it, connect to their creative voice and produce albums, write books, and unlock their capacity to create an artful life, open up their voice in their business and relationships, step onto the public stage with their message, dramatically increase their inner strength and confidence, work through emotional resistance to giving and living their life’s work, leave negative relationships and destructive patterns behind, and so much more.

The result: My clients dramatically uplevel their life.

Who doesn’t want the joy and fulfillment and opulence that comes from doing what you’re designed to do? Experiencing the gorgeous results in terms of more money, more visibility, more opprtunities to spread your work is deeply satisfying.

But what is even greater than that? Alignment, congruence, and respect with yourself. The feeling that you are on your path. Getting over the fear and resistance to your brilliance and totally giving everything you have. You won’t die with your music still inside. There’s nothing like it.

You’re here to shatter your limitations and reach your next level of personal mastery

I see where a woman is hiding, hurting, and shaming herself which leads to unconscious ways that she is holding herself back from her true path.

You’ve likely had the inner urges to go in another direction, to leave the career you’ve built, to shift what you’re doing and who you’re doing it with, to take a leap into totally unknown territory.

But your identity, your finances, and everything that seems important is wrapped up in what you’re doing now. It’s a moment those of us that are on the evolutionary edge face when we know that we have changed and what we are meant to do now has changed.

I help women navigate their soul aligned rebrand – that period of time when the soul nudging is saying it’s time to take a new direction to amplify your new frequency – when your current path is squelching your truth, radiance, and magnetism and when there is a clear message coming through you and it is time to be the voice of it in the world.

We find the elegant streamlined path to navigating this transition, the feminine path of least resistance and greater ease, and the business strategy to create your next level endeavor with total skill and impact.

Together we dive into some of your most intense challenges and shadows to illuminate your highest truth and express, embody, and live that truth which often means big life shifts and changes and releasing long-held patterns.

It also means undoing years of difficulty to free you into being who you are. Finally.

Because you know there’s been a cost of not living your truth – it shows up as little fires in your life – your relationship breaking down, a health crisis, troubling clients, financial drama. These things are symptoms of the bigger picture issue and, love, it’s time to get in alignment.

I am here to expand your idea of what you can do. I am here to help lift you into your next level of mastery and leadership in your life. I am here to help you turn up the lights inside to come to terms with the reality of who you are and what you are really here to do with your precious life.

Because you are not here for mediocre, you are here for extraordinary.






You are here to help lead the way.

Mavericks visionaries and pioneers know that you can part the veils of illusion to craft your own path even though society keeps telling you that you can’t.

When you become practiced at turning on your own light as you travel through the dark you become a Luminary who lights the way for others.

If you want more freedom, more self-expression, more being paid for your true genius, more living from a place of truth and authenticity, more opulence that comes from the world responding to you being aligned with your purpose, then I am here to support you to build your visions.

You have a call from your soul to create something of beauty that matters to your heart. What will you do with that call?  

Will you ignore it or stuff it because you don’t know how it’s going to fit with your current life structure?

Will you try to change it into something safe and palatable (for yourself or others)?

Or will you honor it like the gift from beyond that it is calling you in the direction of your highest alignment and greatest joy?

Private mentoring spots are limited and are by application only.

If you are interested in working with me, please click “Apply Now” below which will take you to the online application. My team will reach out to schedule a no risk call when we can get to know each other and discover if we are the right match for the profound journey of creating your legacy. At this time, I will also share all the details with you about program structure options and cost. 

My Cred

I invite you to read my more formal bio over on my About Page for a thorough rundown of my experience and accolades and read on here for a little more on why I am a unique breed designed and trained to support high caliber leaders and pioneers in business, innovation, and personal transformation. 

I have 22 years of experience in business starting with a successful career as an advertising and marketing executive for blue chip brands like Visa, Delta Air Lines, and Procter & Gamble followed by boutique work with startups and immersive experience building online brands.

I have since used my marketing skills to build my personal music and women’s coaching brands experienced by thousands of people around the world succeeding to create innovative brands that stand apart because they are an intimate expression of my creative essence and my unique life’s work.

As the CEO of my company Femvolution™ and the creator of programs like Brand Your Brilliance, Radiant and Rocking It, Unveiling Your Artistry, Creatrix Collective, and my current private mentoring program, Feminine Luminary™, I have coached many women to define and shape the expression of their unique genius and create a body of work that makes their mark.

I have been a professional coach for the last 15 years and I have been exclusively coaching women for the last 8 years. I love bringing my strategic and creative business mind to mastermind the success of unorthodox and unconventional women bringing their irrational dreams in business and art to life. 

I have lead multiple group courses both offline and online and have facilitated transformation for hundreds of people in large group contexts and with personal coaching clients. This has given me a unique capacity to uncover the subterranean resistance and blocks people experience and provide sophisticated approaches to transform persistent fear, low self-esteem, and self-sabotage into freedom.

My expertise does not stop at my two decades of experience; I have also trained intensively with many top leaders in the coaching and online marketing industries including Marie Forleo, David Neagle, Bryan Franklin, Elizabeth Purvis, Lee Harris, Christina Morassi and a host of other teachers to refine my understanding of the most cutting-edge approaches to transformation, wealth consciousness, and business success.

I have spent deep immersive time in the study, training and facilitation of transformational systems like NLP, embodied practices like somatic experiencing and breath work, and circling which has grown into a global movement.

Circling is a profound practice offering an elegant approach to “getting someone’s world” which can cause massive shifts for people. I was one of the first leaders of circling receiving my training from the co-founders of circling, Guy Sengstock and Jerry Candelaria, and served as a course leader with their organization, The Arete Experience, along with the Authentic Man Program and Authentic World which has continued to develop the practice of circling for many years.  

I combine this background with decades of immersive women’s studies in which I have explored the topic of feminine power from multiple angles via courses and workshops I have both received and created.

I am deeply passionate about women’s rights and being a source of liberation for women’s voices on the planet. As a spiritual path I have dedicated my life to awakening the Divine Feminine as a practicing priestess trained through the 13 Moons Mystery School and other esoteric paths.

For the last decade my artistic path has flourished as a touring electronic music producer, DJ, vocalist (performing as ALIA), the Producer of the musical project Feminine Medicine™, and a long-time Ecstatic Dance DJ. As an artist I have performed on major stages at some of the most respected festivals and Ecstatic Dance events in the US, Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, Europe and Burning Man.

Through my path as a dancer and a musical guide for embodied practices, I have deepened my respect for the necessity of combining feminine intelligence and core embodiment with masculine focus and mind mastery. 

Though my life cred is what I like to point to the most because it is how I handled my challenges and transitions and successfully pivoted into the next leg of my path that shows my real mettle. I have stared down despair and loss and embraced my evolution to rise from my pain into a life of contribution.

I am in close community with some of the top entrepreneurs, artists, pioneers, change agents, activists, and creative minds of our day. I have immersed in underground culture and alternative lifestyles and completely broken out of the conservative mold I was raised in which has opened my imagination to far greater possibilities. 

You will be attracted to me if you favor unconventional approaches because I don’t do things by the book. I forego systems and instead bring you face-to-face with your truth.

I am here to help you strip away everything that is not your essence, to polish off the fine jewel languishing beneath a cloak of ideas, opinions, criticism, and shame placed on you by people who don’t know any better, and help you rock the life you are here to live.

I am a model of someone who has broken out of conditioning to follow my soul calling and create something that is uniquely my own. I can show you how to take the leap of self-confidence and create and manifest your highest visions.


What Women Say

My work with Alia changed my life. This has given me a new depth of creative confidence. For women who come to me asking about how they can unleash hidden aspects of their creativity, I always recommend Alia. Her process is deep, intuitive, and most of all: it works.

KC Baker

Founder, WomanSpeak,

Alia has helped me build confidence as an entrepreneur, as a woman, as a friend, as a daughter. She taught me powerful tools and asked me the right questions that I needed to get more clarity on my business. She helped me realize why my confidence is not always there for me, identifying where my confidence is not at its strongest, and, most importantly, where my confusion in my decisions was not coming from place of strength but from a place of fear. Her spiritual and gentle feminine approach was exactly what I needed. I am very grateful for her support throughout this journey.

Jessica Semaan

Writer, Founder, The Passion Co.

Working with Alia is a powerful experience. She took me very deep and we worked on subconscious energies that are constantly shaping our realities. In our work, I felt like I aligned with a deeper sense of my truth, and was able to see my excuses. Working with Alia is like an initiation into meeting your own inner guru on a deeper level. It’s very powerful. If you’re ready to show up for yourself on the next level + be guided with compassion, clarity, and presence… Alia is your woman! I highly recommend working with her.

Beth Katherine

Intuitive Coach, Priestess, Creator Sisterhood of the Mermaid Moon,

Alia has something rare – not only is she completely expressed as an artist, she is also gifted with laser-like intuition and the capacity to hold DEEP space for leaders, artists, and messengers. It is important for me to receive support from women that not only trust the path of the soul, but also create major success through that path. Alia is that woman. From the depth of my spirit, I fiercely recommend this powerhouse leader to other leaders building incredible lives of freedom, joy, wealth and purpose.
Christina Dunbar

Actress, Storyteller, Producer, Creator Dirty Me Divine,

Alia is a woman fiercely devoted to her personal liberation.  She is constantly fine-tuning her craft.  She oozes feminine power.  She is committed to coaxing out the creative expression in women. Having personally received Alia’s wisdom, I can say without a doubt, that she is the “real thing”.  She has supported me in catching and then releasing limiting beliefs, she has stood for me when I couldn’t see my larger vision, and she has lovingly held my hand as I birthed more of myself into the world.   She is my reflection when I forget where I am going.  Alia is quite a dynamic combination for any woman committed to her own unfoldment!

Joanne Ameya Cohen

Feminine Empowerment Mentor, Creator, Priestesses of the Moon,

Alia has been a source of light and power in my life. She has a profound gifts of intuition, insight, endless and loving support, and practical, reality based tools and suggestions to help you make an impactful change in your life. She aided me in going from my cycles of being stuck and stagnant, self defeating and sabotaging to a place where I’m committed to my happiness. Alia has been an inspiration, a sister, a mentor, a friend, a guide… Her pure intention to help is profoundly evident every time we connect. I’m so grateful I took the steps to honor myself in this way and get the help I needed to more fully step into the life I really wanted to be living. Alia continues to set a precedent for me as far as what’s possible for me.

Vanessa Beggs

Founder, Facilitator, Hummingbird Mind-Body-Spirit Studio

Working with Alia leaves your heart blown wide open. She shines light where before was darkness, leaving you feeling enlivened with self acceptance, inspiration, and a deep connection with something much larger than yourself.

Epiphany Shaw

Master NLP Coach,

I am on my path and in action in ways that are so surprising. I believe the medicine of the container really supported me to move things forward quickly. I would have breakthroughs that I would directly apply to life immediately – it always occurred as time well spent.

Michelle Barton

Producer, Screenwriter, Spoken Word Performance Artist,

What I love about Alia is her creativity, passion and embodiment. She is so multi-talented and has skillfully brought her all her talents together to serve. Alia is one of those women who you want to work AND play with. This is the new feminine. The artistpreneur has been emerging over the past few years and Alia is one of the leaders of this movement, teaching women how to free up and own their creative expression. She doesn’t put on a face for one thing and then another face for something else. She’s integrated, fully self-expressed and powerful. She brings all parts of herself to the table and so you know you are getting the real deal.

Tanya Paluso

Founder, Sistership Circle

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