Dear Sweet Love,

I am so grateful for that night back in April 2010 when we lay down for a harmless cuddle and then found ourselves in tangled pleasure only to embark on the love affair of our lives.

My life completely changed that weekend from a story of a sad, failed marriage and a feeling of desperation into a life of consistent beauty, joy and epic love. I am consistently blown away by the depth, sweetness, and power of our connection. It feels true, real, undeniable and blissful.

Even when it’s hard. I am so moved by the way you love me and you are consistently willing to move through tough, challenging places to meet me. Your devotion is so pure that my defenses can only melt in the face of your consistency even when my mind wants to make up that I can’t trust it.

You play my body like a fine instrument and savor it like a fine wine. The way we can explore the edges, the depths and all the terrain in-between together is like nothing I have ever experienced. The healing, the ecstasy, the purity of orgasm…ahhhh.

I want to discover all the ways to love with you – all the ways to expand into love, to give it without fear, to receive it without shying away from the overwhelm of it. I want to dance into the infinite heart expanse with you – to revel in the beauty and sing the joy.

I want to create the most exquisite lush life with you that we look back on from our rocking chairs on the porch and say “we created art”. I want to discover the key to true success with you. I want to create with you. I want to lead with you. I want to become influential with you. I want to explore the world with you. I want to have beautiful children with you. And discover all that this world can offer and all that we can be and do.

I love you Shane Robert Metcalf.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!