To the change-making, trail-blazing, next generation of women leaders who are making waves and creating movements or the women who want to:

Are you ready to discover the key to creating true influence and impact while living a beautiful life?

I’ll give you a hint. It’s not working longer, harder, or putting in more effort.


What if living a full Lush Life that leaves you brimming over with vitality to bring to others could be your most potent strategy to claim the kind of effortless influence and impact you’ve been dreaming about for your business and projects?

How might you be liberated if you let go of the pieces that aren’t working in your life and added in more of what is life-affirming, supportive, and inspiring to you?

I am delighted to offer you some ways that you can step into this NOW!

This is your invitation to make that true leap in your life and become the thriving, empowered woman leader who guides others to thrive as well.

The world needs you to step up and out, to shake off the shackles and abandon your perceived limitations so you can show up as the powerful woman you are.

You don’t need to squander your life force away to lead anymore. In fact your life force is the source of your leadership.

This is about working, creating, living, and leading from an entirely different way of being.

Discover the simple tools and powerful mindsets you can step into to generate inspiring results while experiencing passion, pleasure, and fulfillment.

We are creating a movement of switched on women leaders.

You are invited to join me and a community of like-minded women to start living your LUSH LIFE.

Are you ready to make waves?

I am delighted to introduce

The Lush Life Foundations Series


Lush Life -the kind of life that leaves you breathless, that is brimming over with abundant experiences, that has you fulfilling your desires and destiny, and that inspires the people around you to reach for the same.

Living our Lush Life is about embracing our feminine nature. This is Empowered Feminine Energy.

I want every woman to have this empowering information so I am sharing some special FREE gifts with you:


How To Become a Liberated Woman:

A Handbook for Women Making Waves and Creating Movements or Women Who Want To

 I am so excited to share my hot-off-the-presses book with you!

This is the primer for those of you who are eager to start laying the foundation that could change everything in your life from the top down.

These principles of pleasurable living are the secrets to blazing past any perceived limitations of time, money, or resources and to living a truly rich, rewarding life NOW.

This quality of being can be cultivated no matter how much money you have in the bank, whether you have found your ideal partner, and whether or not you are doing work you love.

When cultivated, this quality of being can help you step into all of those things. It is the foundation from which everything else is created.

By embracing these principles you can become the truly effective messenger and contributor to the planet you see yourself being. This is about showing up full throttle for everything in your turned on life.

You attract the money you need to build, you become visible and respected in your sphere of influence, opportunities appear, you get the clients, the amazing relationship, and the fulfillment.

BECAUSE your fulfillment is not dependent upon experiencing any of these things – you are so full in yourself that they are the natural outpouring of your inner abundance.

This is the Femvolution Manifesto to inspire the new breed of feminine messengers.



In this call series, which took place in late 2011, we went deeper into the principles covered in the book to help you pave the way for your new Lush Life to take shape. 

Call #1

Live Your Lush Life: The Feminine Way to Change the World


  • Why living a Lush Life is one of the most potent forms of feminine leadership and a radical act of personal empowerment

  • The connection between pleasure, self-esteem, and our influence as leaders

  • How to harness the rocket fuel for your clarity, creativity, energy and personal power

  • The critical ingredient needed to create game-changing ideas

  • How to engage your emotional intelligence, embrace failure, and show up for yourself

  • The #1 reason in the way for women to make the impact they want to

  • How to find the beauty in your challenges and shift your inner resistance to your mission
  • Why we must unlearn other people’s ideas, stop living other people’s expectations, and start living and leading on our terms

 Call #2

Create Your Lush 2012: Take the Leap into Inspiration, Influence, and Impact

The principles we explore here are appropriate for any year and any time!


  • Conscious Lush Life Design – A simple process you can take into your life right away
  • How to move from”I’m going to, I will, I want to” to “I am” and start LIVING this now
  • The power of making everything you do artful and intentional including your business, art, and lifestyle
  • The critical ingredient to stay on track – without this you can watch your work, joy, and success drift farther and farther away
  • What you must embrace to experience the graceful unfolding of your Lush Life
  • How to expand your sphere of influence and reach the people you are ready to serve


This will take you to a page where you can sign up to receive your free downloads for the e-book and the tele-series! You will also receive a complimentary subscription to Femvolution’s e-zine which you can feel free to unsubscribe from at any time.

I have created this program out of everything I’ve learned from my own journey and some of the challenges I experienced along the way. The principles I will be teaching have completely transformed my life.

Not long ago I was stuck and terrified. I will be sharing with you the process I took to move from small, scared, confused and frustrated with my life to living a beautiful life in which I am doing what I love every day, receiving incredible opportunities, and experiencing my true creative power.

This is available to you too!

“Femvolution has shifted me at my core. You are a phenomenal woman and leader.” ~Alisha Blau, Physical Therapist


Show up with the confidence and authoritative voice you know is within you

Make the difference you have been wanting to make

Reach the people you are meant to serve

Live a full Lush Life that leaves you brimming with vitality to bring to others

Create your irresistible plan and step into your irrefutable power

 You have a deep yearning in your heart and a deep knowing that there can be more

So you can no longer tolerate a low vibration life

Let’s come together, make a new decision, and start telling a new, more empowered story as women. Let’s bring more of our fullness, radiance and power to the planet. You can start now.


Remember, movement makers, change agents, and trailblazers do not accept the status quo.

You can unfold and emerge into the woman who can hold the project, business, or big idea that can truly change things.

“I gained clarity on the next steps to take in the birthing of my life work and felt completely heard and supported by you…this was another important step towards fully knowing my value and trusting in my gifts.” ~Iris Bieri, Feng Shui Consultant

“I felt gracefully guided by Melissa. She is really good at feeling other people’s hearts and speaking directly to them.” ~Ann- Marie Svilar, Writer


Empower Women, Evolve Our Planet

At Femvolution, founded by Alia Hall, we have set out to unleash the next generation of trail-blazing, creative, entrepreneurial women leaders to amplify their impact and influence and become the thriving women who help build a thriving planet.

Using powerful mindsets, lifestyle and business tools, and feminine principles, we help women liberate themselves out of their patterns of struggling and settling to step into being unapologetically radiant, switched on, confident, and fulfilled messengers of the new feminine movement.

We want to release you from any real or perceived limitations holding you back from stepping forward in your life and as a force for good on the planet.

We want to help you become the woman who shares her message, contributes her art, builds her life-affirming business, and changes lives while living an extraordinary, beautiful life in the process.

Women are the new breed of messengers and the more we empower ourselves and each other to voice our truth, to become thriving examples for people who are struggling to find their way, and to demonstrate the new paradigm of community and collaboration, the more we collectively create the evolution of our planet.




 Alia Hall is a rare combination of creative entrepreneur and creative artist. 

As a coach and the Founder of her company, Femvolution, Alia has been helping thousands of women through her blog, coaching, and programs turn their gifts and talents into inspired art and businesses while embracing a life that makes their heart sing.

As an electronic music producer, DJ, dancer, and singer Alia performs on international stages next to some of the most popular talents in dance music. She is a featured artist at a variety of conscious culture events and festivals and her music is heard by people around the world.

After an intense preparatory education and a degree from Brown University, Alia had what so many people want: a great career as a corporate marketing executive working on important strategic projects for prestigious companies and blue chip brands including Saatchi & Saatchi, Delta Air Lines, Procter & Gamble, and Visa.

While she experienced success in the outer world, she was also experiencing a variety of physical ailments and a feeling of suffocation in her inner world. It soon became evident that in the grip of the quest for professional achievement based on other people’s values, she had lost connection with her own spirit. 

So Alia embarked on a different quest to liberate herself to become who she truly is and experience her own definition of success doing what she loves. She took a deep dive into exploring personal development and the human condition. She studied with some of the most renowned coaches and marketers. She found her way back to her early passion for music and creative expression, re-aligning her life with what most lit her up. In the process she has discovered peace, radiance, and joy beyond anything she had imagined.

What she learned on the journey she took to free herself from her turmoil has inspired her to support other women to do the same. She believes that the key to women’s liberation around the planet lies within each woman. When a woman taps into the truth of who she is, it ripples out to everyone she touches. 

For over 10 years she has been leading groups and women’s circles and working with women 1-on-1 to help them craft a liberated life. She has also been a facilitator for personal growth organizations including Authentic World and The Arete Experience. 

Alia is a sought-after speaker, she was a TEDx musical presenter, and she was featured as a “Woman Changing the Planet” in ORIGIN magazine. 

She blogs and shares empowering resources for women here and her music can be found at

You can also connect with her at and