Hello Goddess! 

We are in the holiday season – that time of year that can bring up a lot for people. Especially with family!

All of our dynamics and patterns with family members come out in force inviting us to take a closer look at these relationships and how they shape who we are.

This just in time for the turn of the year when we are looking at what we accomplished or didn’t accomplish and often seeing things that we want to change for the coming year.

In a previous letter I shared that I had a situation that popped up with family members centering around our Christmas plans that was an opportunity for me to come back to what I teach around walking away from needing to be validated or even understood. 

In many interactions with certain family members I have often felt unseen and misunderstood, and for years this had me bend and twist myself to try to take the form they wanted me to take. 

Over time I realized that that wasn’t serving anyone, especially me, and I have been consciously finding out who I truly am and what I want to create in the world and designing my life around that. 

This is not always an easy process and it is one I needed a lot of support with. There are times I still want validation from my family and from the world with what I am up to.

And I have completely transformed my life so that I am living it on my terms with my personal and professional choices instead of trying to live into someone else’s expectations of me. 

This is a big reason why I have created my New Program!

To give you the comprehensive support to help you design your Lush Life from a state of clarity, consciousness, and your total commitment to your delight!

Are You Ready to Live Your Life On Your Terms?

I am so excited to introduce:

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Decision is one of the key ingredients to designing your life for your fullest expression, joy, and most far-reaching impact.

I invite you to make the decision NOW to make 2012 your year when it all comes together – when you can flourish and radiate as a woman in her full power and see your project or business bloom to its true potential!

I will be taking myself through my own process again right along with you! Let’s rock it in 2012! 

I can’t wait to support you!

Happy Holidays!
Love and Blessings,