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I made this video on a trip to Hawaii last year and finally got the chance to edit it and share it.
Some of you know that for many years as I was building my coaching practice I was stuck! I was stuck in a cycle of hard work with little reward. I was stuck struggling to make ends meet and suffering in my own low self-esteem. I was stuck in a mindset of not allowing myself much in the way of joy and pleasure – I was nose to the grindstone building my business, working hard, doing all the things I was taught to do, and, the kicker, really not seeing great results.

I thought I must have been doing everything wrong.

It was when I made the one mindset shift that I share about in this video that everything started turning around in my life.



“The Secrets To Feminine High Performance Every Lush Woman Knows:
How To Make The Shift From Struggling Woman To Wonder Woman And Start Experiencing The Pleasurable Success You Deserve”

On last week’s free call I shared about the topic of “Feminine High Performance” and this is hitting a chord so I’ve decided to offer an encore call!

It’s time for us to embrace our ability to show up powerfully for what we want to create the feminine way. It’s time to embrace the path of less effort and more joyless accomplishing, more high quality of being and living. This is what cultivates the energy, vitality, clarity, and creativity we need so we can give ourselves to the world in the ways we want to.

Your effectiveness is not all about what you do but HOW you do it. To fully unleash yourself and your gifts, the first essential step is to start cultivating your lush life – to startembracing pleasure and to design your life around what brings you joy and fulfillment.

This is what we will be talking about on the call. Join me!

Get the call-in details right here:
Conference # 1-213-226-0400
Conference Code: 866970

The Doors to Your Lush Life Are Officially Open! And They Won’t Be For Long!

This a 6-Week Virtual Group Intensive designed to help you completely immerse in the conversation of how to tangibly upgrade your experience and unleash your best life now so that you can move from struggling to thriving and finally see movement in the domains of your life that have felt stuck for far too long!

This is an opportunity to work with me at a fraction of my usual coaching fees and to get into action with powerful support from other conscious women.

—>All the details are here!

You will:

~Learn critical mindsets for success.

~Take massive action.

~Design and embrace your dream lifestyle.

~Have way more fun and be far more effective with way less effort.

~Renew and restore your relationship to your  #1 Resource – YOU!

~Receive personalized coaching from me as well as phenomenal group support to keep you accountable and on track to create what you want.

I have just a few spots left for this next program – will one of them be yours?

Thank you again for being with me here. I look forward to supporting you!

Love and Blessings,