I’ve made a decision.

I am done trying to figure out how to fit myself into a certain niche, category, or box, and in the process constipate my creative process.

I am no longer going to worry about whether or not something I want to share with you is relevant or “businessy” enough or on-topic enough.

I am no longer going to entertain any thoughts that tell me I should be doing what some of those other women entrepreneurs are doing and succeeding at.

I am done trying to mold myself into something that looks like someone else!

I am unleashing myself from the expectations and judgments that have held me back from sharing myself more fully and uncensored with you.

I am letting go of the debilitating thoughts that have kept me from helping you to the fullest extent I know I can.

You may have seen that my current tagline for Femvolution is “Women Unleashed” and I am realizing deep in my body what I have known on an intellectual level for some time:

I must unleash myself so that you can unleash yourselves!

To walk the talk of being the embodiment of my mission I must allow myself to unleash my fullest expression with you here and everywhere in my life.

To be fair, I have been doing this in many ways, and it’s time to step up my game in service of your lives, my life, and women everywhere.

I am a rich, varied, multi-layered, textured, deep, complex, multi-passionate woman and so are YOU! And I am seeing that Femvolution is about that – it is about inviting out ALL the parts of us because we as women so often hide and shape ourselves to an idea of who or what we should be (or think we should be) by society’s standards.

We try to squeeze ourselves into these little boxes with these limited labels when we are SO much more!

Look around your life. Have you stopped yourself from sharing yourself in some way professionally, creatively or in relationship because you don’t know if what you have to share will be accepted or loved or seen? Have you quieted your voice for fear of rejection or criticism? Have you tried to bend and shape yourself into something you think people want?

This incessant questioning of ourselves: this is what chips away at our self-esteem, our happiness, and our success. This is what keeps us small and caught in the shame we pile on top for caving in on ourselves and our true desires, ideas, visions, and talents.

We have received a lot of overt and subtle messages from our community or environment, the media, advertising, our family that who we are is not ok – it needs to be some other way.

It is essential to let ourselves out including all of the messy parts, the supposedly unloveable parts, the parts we are ashamed of, the parts we want to celebrate even but are afraid people will judge us for celebrating.

This is what it is going to take to truly make a shift for all women on this planet.

So I’m going to allow myself to share it all here.

Sometimes I want to talk about how to live a more full, lush life. Sometimes I want to talk about creativity. Sometimes I want to talk about business and branding and how to move through the fear of putting ourselves out into the world.

Sometimes I want to talk about how to grow your confidence, self-esteem, and love for yourself. Sometimes I want to talk about what it’s like to be a woman who was sexually assaulted and how to turn our pain into our purpose.

Sometimes I want to talk about our relationship to food and our bodies. Sometimes I want to talk about what’s going on on the planet. Sometimes I want to share tips on how to live well. Sometimes I want to share with you about my creative journey as a musical artist, dancer, and writer.

Sometimes I want to talk about feminine leadership. Sometimes I want to talk about our relationships to men. Sometimes I want to talk about our fears and the ways we can stop ourselves. Sometimes I want to talk about our relationship to money and abundance.

Sometimes I want to go deep into the sacred, spiritual, feminine mysteries with you. Sometimes I want to talk about health, fashion, our home, community, our relationship to other women and the idea of Sisterhood, and how to live a life of beauty.

I’m going to share my wild, creative, feminine impulses.

Sometimes it might not be well-thought out or completely organized. Sometimes it might not be clear exactly what kind of woman I’m talking to – is she a woman in business, a Mom, an artist, younger, older, favorite color is pink, urban, rural – because in many ways I’m talking to all women. This stuff is relevant for ALL of us.

Let’s leave nothing out, shall we?

We are the conscious women who have the unique opportunity to create a new path for all women everywhere. It starts with us.

It starts with YOU.

So let’s unleash ourselves together.

I’ll start to be more raw, vulnerable, and myself here with you. Will you join me?

If you’ve been hesitating to truly let it all out, this is your official permission slip.

Now give your SELF permission and go for it!

To Your Unleashed Brilliance and Bliss,

P.S. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this! Please do comment below!