Call #1 of the New Lush Life Foundations Tele-Series is happening today!

I am so excited to be with you!

I have been devoting many hours of my love and attention to this material. It has been life-changing for me and it has the potential to be life-changing for you too.

My intention for the series is to leave you feeling empowered, inspired, and ready to dive in to your life holding a new frame and context for it – one that will open up your channels for joy, pleasure, creativity, success, and fulfillment.

With this Lush Life Series my intention is to start a MOVEMENT of women who are stepping into Lush Leadership which impacts their sphere of influence in a profound way.

Look at the numbers with me for a moment:

Each of you most likely know anywhere from 100-1000s of women – whether you know them personally or you interact with them on Facebook and Twitter. We all know everyone’s watching, right? People are paying attention to who we are in the world way more than we probably care to recognize.

So as your life starts to shift and you start to rock it, people are noticing. Your new lush way of being and all the amazing results you are getting, not to mention your radiance and glow that comes from living well and being happy and fulfilled, has the potential to inspire and influence those women in your network to inquire into what your secret is and start living this for themselves.

Let’s say conservatively each of you reaches 100 women in your sphere of influence – but most likely more. Then you multiply that by the number of women who live into this work – right now that’s hundreds that I am reaching and that will only grow into the thousands very quickly.

But let’s just say I reach 100 of you. And you are each influencing 100 women. All of a sudden, we have influenced 10,000 WOMEN! WOW! And that’s just getting started!


I am inviting you into a movement that can literally change the face of women’s culture around the planet! 

This is what excites me the most and this is what I have set out to do with Femvolution. I am devoted to unleashing women around the world from any perceived limitations to the full expression of their power.


Here’s what we’ll talk about:

Live Your Lush Life: The Feminine Way to Change the World


  • Why living a Lush Life is one of the most potent forms of feminine leadership and a radical act of personal empowerment

  • The connection between pleasure, self-esteem, and our influence as leaders

  • How to harness the rocket fuel for your clarity, creativity, energy and personal power

  • The critical ingredient needed to create game-changing ideas

  • How to engage your emotional intelligence, embrace failure, and show up for yourself

  • The #1 reason in the way for women to make the impact they want to

  • How to find the beauty in your challenges and shift your inner resistance to your mission
  • Why we must unlearn other people’s ideas, stop living other people’s expectations, and start living and leading on our terms


Call #2 
Create Your Lush 2012: Take the Leap into Inspiration, Influence, and Impact


  • Conscious Lush Life Design – A simple process you can take into your life right away
  • How to move from”I’m going to, I will, I want to” to “I am” and start LIVING this now
  • The power of making everything you do artful and intentional including your business, art, and lifestyle
  • The critical ingredient to stay on track – without this you can watch your work, joy, and success drift farther and farther away
  • What you must embrace to experience the graceful unfolding of your Lush Life
  • How to expand your sphere of influence and reach the people you are ready to serve

I want as many women as possible to have this life-changing information so please JOIN ME and Join the Movement!

Love and Blessings, Alia